2012-2013 Schedule

Fall 2012

October 12
    Laurie Ouellette
        Associate Professor
        Department of Communication Studies
        University of Minnesota
            "It's Not TV, it's Birth Control: Reality
            Television and the 'Problem' of
            Teenage Pregnancy"
                12:15pm; 400 Ford Hall

November 16
    Helen Kinsella
        Associate Professor        
        Department of Political Science
        University of Wisconsin
            "Afghan Good Enough: Gender
            and Counterinsurgency"
                 12:15pm; 609 Social Sciences
** Co-sponsored with the Minnesota International
Relations Colloquium (MIRC)

November 30
    Jennifer Pierce
        Department of American Studies
        University of Minnesota
            "Racing for Innocence: Whiteness,
            Gender, and the Backlash Against
            Affirmative Action"
              12:15pm; 400 Ford Hall

The GSPP was also pleased to circulate information about
this lecture of note:

October 25
    Nancy Cott
    Professor; Department of History
    Harvard University
        "Marriage in the Courts"
        2012 Erickson Legal History Lecture
        University of Minnesota Law School
            4pm, Lockhart Hall (room 25)
                Details here
Spring 2013

February 28
    Chandan Reddy
        Associate Professor
        Department of English 
        University of Washington
            4:00pm; Walter Library 402
        "Violence, Intimacy, and the Racial State:
        Mapping Queer of Color Critique"
            Details here.
            Co-sponsored by the Department of English;
            Department of Political Science; and the
            Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality

March 8
    Libby Sharrow
        Ph.D. Candidate
        Department of Political Science
        Graduate minor in Feminist and Critical Sexuality
        Studies; Department of Gender, Women, and
        Sexuality Studies
        University of Minnesota
                12:30pm; 1450 Social Science Tower
            "'On the basis of sex': Public Policy, the Female
            Athlete, and the Politics of Title IX"
April 5
    Nancy Luxon
        Assistant Professor
        Department of Political Science
        University of Minnesota
                12:15pm;  614 Social Science Tower
            "Mourning beyond Melancholia:
            Nostalgia, Anger, and the Challenges
            of Political Action"