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Systems updates and development

The graduate education work groups' recommendations stated that many processes related to graduate education should be automated; this will require updates or development to the following central systems. Follow the links (where available) to review the current status.

As the central Student Information System, HR system, and financial system for the University, the restructuring of graduate education will involve many fundamental changes to how academic data is stored in PeopleSoft. The PeopleSoft / data management BPR team is reviewing and implementing the details.

Apply Yourself (AY)
Apply Yourself is the admission/recruiting software currently being used by the Graduate Admissions Office and some colleges. Future modifications will allow academic programs to customize the application in order to streamline the process for students and eliminate duplication. Several upgrades have been implemented and more are planned.

Program and Curriculum Approval System (PCAS)
This tool allows program (curriculum) data to be entered into a central location that captures information needed for PeopleSoft, catalog production, APAS, and Graduation Planner. It creates a workflow process so all areas of the University are notified and appropriate action can be taken. This tool allows for changes, discontinuation, and re-activation of degree programs.

Academic Progress Audit System (APAS)
The APAS system monitors the academic progress of a student's degree program. Required courses and course options for a degree can be programmed into APAS.

Graduation Planner

Graduation Planner is a planning tool for undergraduate students. This tool could be used in conjunction with APAS to create a degree progress tool for graduate students and advisers.

Electronic Course Authorization System (ECAS)

ECAS allows for entry of new courses for approval and to update courses. Graduate School colleges and campuses currently use this system. We will modify ECAS to shift responsibilities for review of 8xxx-level courses and of some 5xxx-level courses.

Electronic Course Scheduling (ECS)
ECS allows department and college schedulers to enter or update class schedule information for a specific term. This information is used to produce the Class Schedule.


WorkflowGen is an enterprise-level software that offers a full Web-based tool to design and monitor workflows, automating the review of milestone forms. This tool could assist with many of the forms that may be required after a business process redesign occurs.

ImageNow is a document storage and retrieval system that allows users to scan, file, retrieve, print, and distribute electronic objects. The tool allows simultaneous retrieval of indexed objects by different users on campus.