Degree Progress

To review and redesign processes related to graduate student degree progress. 
  • The ultimate goal is to create or adapt an online tool (or tools) to track graduate student degree progress and perform degree clearance functions. 
  • The target implementation date is June 2013. 
  • The Graduate School will continue its current degree progress tracking and clearance activities until new solutions are in place. 

Documentation: ASR analysts are working with Graduate School staff to document the current steps and requirements for tracking graduate student degree progress and processing degree clearance. As those documents are completed, they will be posted on the right-hand side of this page, under "Documents."

Discussion and analysis: Beginning in April 2011, broad discussions will take place with the colleges about what information must be tracked related to student degree progress, what information should be tracked, and what might be nice to know or have. Through these discussions, we can begin to collaboratively sketch out a new process that is in compliance with relevant policies and systems requirements, and is, to the greatest extent possible, both student- and staff-friendly.

Creating online forms
Some of the Graduate School forms related to degree progress have been made electronic, and more online forms will be created incrementally, even as the team continues to engage stakeholders to define the "big picture" of how degree progress will be tracked. Follow the links provided below to learn more about the work in progress.