Our Services 

Graduate Volunteer Consultants offers free-of-charge consulting services for Twin Cities nonprofit organizations.

Our consulting services typically fall into the following categories:
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
Below are high level descriptions of some of the projects completed by GVC in prior years.
GVC does not publicize any client information without client consent.

Strategic Planning Project

Working with the Executive Director to develop a two-year strategic plan to increase donations from individual donors.

  • Nonprofit Need
    • Analysis of existing development program strategies
    • Creation of a two-year strategic plan for the development program
    • Develop clear and attainable monthly goals focused on increasing donations
  • Project Impact and Outcome - Developed a Strategic plan to:
    • Leverage existing donor relationships and brand to reach new donors
    • Maximize fundraising event effectiveness
    • Utilize networking and professional development resources
    • Create an online plan to increase awareness and engagement through online networking

Human Resources Transformation Project

Working with the Programs and Operations Director to review and enhance the organization’s human resources strategy to make the organization attractive to future employees. 

  • Nonprofit Need
    • Benchmarking of current employee compensation, including salary and benefits
    • Evaluation and revision of job descriptions
    • Evaluation of employee manuals and performance evaluation materials
    • Recommendations on recruitment sourcing
  • Project Impact and Outcome
    • Delivered augmented employee manuals and new hire materials
    • Benchmarked employee compensation and benefits against similar nonprofit organizations
    • Developed contingency manual to serve as a reference and training document for interim Free Arts Directors
    • Revised employee job descriptions

Operations Management Project

Working with the Finance Director to develop an activity-based costing system that facilitates efficient operations management and effective financial reporting. 

  • Nonprofit Need
    • Develop an activity-based costing system for NH's facilities and operations
    • Collaborate with departments to analyze historical financial data and develop new financial policies
    • Develop consistent methodologies for assigning costs to activities
  • Project Impact and Outcome - Developed an activity-based costing system to include:
    • Room analysis and categorization
    • Expense analysis and categorization
    • Weighted distributions of facilities costs based on room type
    • Summary of expenses attributed to each facility's user

Marketing Development Project

Working with the Executive Director to develop a plan that would increase participation in and financial sustainability of initiatives. 

  • Nonprofit Need - Analyze the following primary challenges in program recruitment and outreach:
    • How to cost-effectively market the program
    • How to create a sustainable referral network from multiple sources
    • How to increase diversity of the program
  • Project Impact and Outcome
    • Identified specific messages to appeal to potential students, parents and donors
    • Provided recommendations on performing more targeted and cost-effective marketing
    • Addressed need for increasing program participant diversity via recommendations around program's referral base
Marketing Research Project

Working with the Director to research and identify the perceptions of the organization by its stakeholders as an input to its strategic planning activities.

  • Nonprofit Need
    • Execute primary market research on the organization's stakeholders
    • Provide perspective on identity as an input for its strategic plan
    • Provide recommendations on how to better serve stakeholders
    • Determine most effective communication mechanisms and content for stakeholders
  • Project Impact and Outcome
    • Delivered results of in-depth survey on the needs of stakeholder groups
    • Developed clear action plan for addressing stakeholder needs
    • Provided recommendations on choice of communication mechanisms for stakeholder groups
    • Provided recommendations on improving content of communications to stakeholders via varying needs

Strategic Assessment, Positioning and Expansion Project

Working with the Manager of Training Programs to expand organization's professional development programs into more diverse populations within the Twin Cities Seven-County area.

  • Nonprofit Need
    • Complete marketing research profiling a specific potential program beneficiary group
    • Perform market size analysis for a target segment within the Seven-County-Metro-Area
    • Develop a strategic positioning plan to improve the organization's visibility within the diverse communities
  • Project Impact and Outcome
    • Completed market-size assessment of the Twin Cities Hispanic female population
    • Provided strategies for expanding their services to the Hispanic community and to other multicultural women
    • Prevented client from misallocation of their limited funds to an inappropriate target segment