Graduate Education Role Lists

Graduate Education Role Lists

How to update Graduate Education Roles

Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC), Director of Graduate Study (DGS), and College Coordinator (CC) roles are used for:

  • WorkflowGen form access, routing, and approvals for:

    • Examination committees

    • Recording Preliminary Written Exam Results

    • Graduate advisor assignments/ updates

    • Master’s Plan Type

    • Graduate registration exception requests

  • granting access to GPAS planner, audit, and approvals

  • monthly GPAS updates

  • student degree progress reporting

Request an update

Complete the Graduate Education Role Update Google Form to request an update for Graduate Education Roles. Please submit separate requests for adding and removing individuals from a role. The following information will need to be provided:

  • Name of the faculty or staff member being updated*

  • University of Minnesota Email*

  • Employee ID Number (if known)

  • Indicate which list you wish to be edited*

  • Program name (for GPCs and DGSs)*

  • College name (for CCs)*

* Required information needed to complete the request

Note: There can be only one GPS, DGS, or CC per program and/or college.

Requests may take 1-2 business days to be processed. For further questions, please contact Morgan Pasterski at