Speakers and Presenters

Keynote Speaker: Ann Hill Duin

“Connected Learning: Past, Present, Future”

Throughout her career as scholar, educator, and university administrator, Professor Duin has followed--and been part of designing the infrastructure in support of--the trends and transformations in connected learning. From the days of Appletalk to today’s enhanced networks and to the emergence of a sea of Google Glass(es)... each decade ignites an increase in learner engagement. During this keynote, Ann will engage us in active exploration of personal learning networks (PLNs), encouraging us to re-imagine and re-create ourselves and our programs amid a future of connected learning.

Richard Graff

Thursday evening pre-conference registration event, November 7: Richard Graff

“Oratorical Performance Space in Ancient Greece: Digital Reconstruction and Interpretive Visualization”

Professor Graff presents chief findings of a long-term collaborative, interdisciplinary study of the physical settings in which ancient Greeks practiced the art of rhetoric. These include a variety spaces and structures from the late-Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods (ca. 500-100 BCE) utilized throughout the Greek world as venues for the performance of formal oratory--principally, buildings that housed meetings of city councils (bouleuteria), auditoria utilized for larger citizen assemblies, and various structures fitted for use as law courts.

The following presentations have been accepted for GPACW 13

Networked Learning for Professional Communications PedagogyAbram Anders, University of Minnesota, Duluth

Integrating Digital Reading and Writing Instruction Around Collaboration, Connectivity, Perspective Taking, and Identity Construction — Richard Beach, Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, and Thomas Reynolds, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities #panel

Assessing a New Online Writing Tutoring Program — Melanie Cashin, Minnesota State University, Mankato

"genderswap(text)": Writing and Reconfiguring Bodies through Data Structures — Chris Lindgren, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Anthony Weiner and the Surveillance State: Multimodality, Digital Publics, and Kairotic Spaces — Trent M Kays, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Hyperlocality, Hashtags and 'Black Twitter' — Jacqueline J Schiappa, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (shared session)

The Limits of Social Media for Achieving Racial Justice: A Case Study of the Recent Events at Oberlin College — Stephanie Larson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Reverse Mentoring: Preparing Digital Natives to Educate Corporate Leaders — Lynn Ludwig, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Taking Control: Teaching Students to Manage  Digital Identities through Experiential Writing — Daniel Ruefman, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Beyond LinkedIn: Creating an Online Presence — Katie Tormala, Minnesota State University, Mankato #LudwigRuefmanTormala (shared session)

Hearing the Voices of Others: Using Multimodal Narratives for Social Justice Education — Anna T Floch and Annika Konrad, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interventions and Invisibility of Instructors Within and Beyond Virtual Collaborative Writing Spaces — Shreelina Ghosh, Dakota State University  

Devising Connected Citizenship: New Paradigms for Writing Practice and Pedagogy — Marnie J Glazier, North Hennepin Community College

Dirty New Writing: Exposing the Myths of Modernist Authorship via Deviant New Media Art — Steven Hammer, North Dakota State University

Voicing the Hurt of History: The Scope of Studying History through Social Media Kaustav Mukherjee, Michigan State University (shared session)

Beyond Borders: Isocrates, eFolios, and Power in the Digital Domain — Jack Hennes and James Heiman, St Cloud State University  #panel

Moving Beyond Computers & Writing by Re-Considering Digital Natives, Computer Classrooms, & Crowd Sourcing — Janna Dorman, Iowa State University; Amanda Bemer and Teresa Henning, Southwest Minnesota State University #panel

Rebuilding Online Consultation Tools to Support the Evolving Identities of Writers — Debra Hartley, Huy Hoang, Kirsten Jamsen, Katie Levin, and Alex Von Arx, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities  #panel

Virtual Cocktail Party: Can Online Education Teach Social Skills? — Jason Tham, St Cloud State University (shared session)

Farmers, Their Followers, and Facebook — Gretchen Perbix, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Distributed online learning: a site for innovation in pedagogy? — Lee S Tesdell and students, Minnesota State University, Mankato  #panel

Two cancelled sessions: Martinez and Veeder