Google Apps Templates and Guidelines

Using the UMN Blogger Template

Blogger does not currently allow us to add a template to the template gallery. To create a blog with the University's template, download the XML from the Our Brand website and follow the instructions below.

NOTE: the steps outlined below are primarily for applying the University's template to a new blog. Since Blogger widgets are included in a blog's template/layout code, if you apply this template to an existing blog you may need to redo the configuration of any widgets you are using. Please be sure to backup your current template before proceeding.

Creating your blog

Begin by visiting or clicking the Blogger link under the "More" dropdown in the Google Apps menu at the top of your email or Drive web page. Once in Blogger, click the New Blog button.

Create Blog

In the "Create a new blog" window, give your blog a title and blogspot URL (this can be changed later). There is a small list of templates in this window; leave it on "Simple" and you will upload a custom template later. Click the Create blog! button; the new blog will appear in the "Your blogs" list. Click the blog title to open your blog's dashboard.

Click your blogs title

Uploading template XML

In your blog's dashboard, select Template and then click the Backup/Restore button in the upper right.


Under "Upload a template from a file on your hard drive" in the window that appears, click either the Browse or Choose File button. Select the UMN-Blogger-Template.xml file (available to download from the link above), and click Upload. Click the Close button to go back to your blog dashboard.

Upload XML File

Since this template includes mobile-optimized styles, be sure to tell Blogger to use them for the blog's mobile version.

Mobile Settings

In the window that appears, select Custom in the "Choose mobile template" dropdown, then click Save.

Custom Mobile Style

Adding a secondary header

To add a secondary header, such as a department header image, click Customize under the blog preview thumbnail.


This will open up the Blogger Template Designer. Choose Layout to see a wireframe of all the regions/widgets in your blog. Click the Edit button in the Header box to upload a file.


This template defaults to 1040px width. If you want to use a department header image it should match the blog's full width like the U branded header. You can upload a department header that matches 1040px, or, if you have a smaller one (at 960px, for example), you can click the Adjust Widths tab and change the entire blog width to match the width of your image.

Adjust Widths

Beyond these instructions and templates, the University does not offer help with Google Blogger. Please see Blogger Help for more information.