Graduate Students
Dr. David Huang, Thesis Title: "The Synthesis and Evaluation of Pironetin and Pironetin Analogs as Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapeutic Agents." 

Dr. Wei Li, Thesis Title: "Macrocyclization Through EneYne Cross-coupling/Alkyne Reduction Tandem Reaction and Its Application in Natural Product Synthesis." 

Dr. Adwait Ranade, Thesis Title: "Library Synthesis of Piperidone Sulfonamides, Transition Metal-free C-H Trifluoromethylation of Cyclic Enaminones, and Elucidating the Binding Site of Epothilones on beta-Tubulin with Epothilone Photoaffinity Probes."

Dr. Kwon Ho Hong, Thesis Title: "Na,K-ATPase alpha4 Isoform and HSP90 Molecular Chaperone as Molecular Targets for Drug Discovery."

Dr. Yong Wook Kim, Thesis Title: "Functionalization of Cyclic Enaminones and Applications to the Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds."


Dr. Yiyun Yu, Thesis Title: "Innate C-H Functionalization of Cyclic Enaminones."

Dr. Bryant Gay, Thesis Title: "Cyclic Enaminones: Synthons for Piperidine Containing Natural Products and Natural Product Analogs."

Dr. Hajime Seki, Thesis Title: "Cyclic Enaminones: Methodology Development, Total Synthesis, and Library Construction."

Dr. Satish P. Patil, Thesis Title: "“Preclinical Development of a Novel Triptolide Prodrug for Cancer Treatment."

Dr. Micah Niphakis, Thesis Title: "Phenanthropiperidine Alkaloids: Methodology Development, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation."

Dr. Xingxian (Wayne) Gu, Thesis Title: "Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Iminosugars as Potential Male Contraceptive Agents; and the Chemistry of 2,3-Dihydropyridin-4-(1H)-ones and Related Enaminones in Multicomponent Reactions."

Dr. Lei (Luke) Bei, Thesis Title: "Approaches Toward the Total Synthesis of Tyloindicine F and Palladium-Catalyzed C−H Functionalization of beta-Enaminones."

Dr. Kriangsak Khownium, Thesis Title: "Synthesis and Evaluation of Modified Oximidine Analogues as Anticancer Agents and of Terephthaldehyde-bis-Guanylhydrazones as Endotoxin Sequestering Agents."

Dr. Christopher Schneider, Thesis Title: "Studies on Oximidines II – Total Synthesis by an Unprecedented Reductive Coupling."

Dr. Matthew Leighty, Thesis Title: "Vinylogous Esters and Amides: Useful Synthons for Diversity-Oriented and Natural Product Synthesis."

An Na Kim, M.S. Thesis Title: "Development of a Parallel Strategy for the Synthesis of a Library of 2-(3-Formyl-5-arylfuran-2-yl)ethylcarbamates from Dihydropyridinones.”

Adwait Ranade, M.S. Thesis Title: “Novel Intramolecular Nucleophilic Addition Reactions: Formation of Unusual N-O-Heterocyclic Enones.”

Karen Beckman, M.S. Thesis Title: "Isatin Derivatives as Inhibitors of Microtubule Assembly."
Dr. Haibo Ge, Thesis Title: "The Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Paclitaxel Analogs for Brain Delivery."

Dr. Jack Greiner, Thesis Title:  "Total Synthesis of Dearylepothilone and Analogues."

Dr. F. Scott Kimball, Thesis Title: "Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Cytotoxic Tyloindicine H, Phenanthroindolizidine Analogs and Related Indolizidine Derivatives."

Dr. Brandon Turunen, Thesis Title: "Anticancer Natural Products: Synthesis and Enabling Methodologies."

Dr. Jared Spletstoser, Thesis Title: "The Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Paclitaxel Analogs Able to Probe Interactions With Tubulin and P-Glycoprotein."

Dr. KyoungLang Yang, Thesis Title: "Total Synthesis of the Salicylihalamides A and B."

Stephen Lee, M.S. Thesis Title: "The Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Novel Taxotere Analogs."

Dr. Jonathan White, Thesis Title: "Development of Synthetic Methodology for the Synthesis of Aldehydes, Amides, Ethers, and Indolizidine Alkaloids."

Dr. Burchelle Blackman, Thesis Title: "Synthetic Studies Toward the Synthesis of the Salicylihalamides."

Dr. Suzanne Hanna, Thesis Title: "The Cryptophycins: Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of C3-epi and C10 Analogues of Cryptophycin-24."

Dr. Emily Reiff, Thesis Title: "Total Synthesis of the Epothilones and Epothilone Analogues and Biological Studies."

Jack Greiner, M.S. Thesis Title: "Towards the Synthesis of Epothilone Affinity Labels."

Dr. Yanbin Liu, Thesis Title: "Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of New Anticancer Agents."

Yong Zhang, M.S. Thesis Title: "Asymmetric Synthesis of 4-Unsubstituted beta-Lactams via the Chiral Ester Enolate-imine Cyclocondensation." 

Emily Reiff, M.S. Thesis Title: "Progress Toward the Total Synthesis and Isolation of the Epothilones.”

Dr. Haeil Park, Thesis Title: "Novel Paclitaxel Analogues and Paclitaxel Photoaffinity Labels: Design, Synthesis, QSAR, and Interactions with the Microtubule Binding Site."

Dr. Zhi-jun, Thesis Title: "Asymmetric Synthesis of beta-Lactams for the Preparation of Bioactive Compounds."

Dr. Michael Hepperle, Thesis Title: "Isolation, Identification, Preparation, Conformational Aspects, and Biological Activities of Taxanes." 

Dr. Xiangming Guan, Thesis Title: "Asymmetric Synthesis of alpha-Alkylated alpha-Amino Acids and Stereoselective Synthesis of beta-Lactams." 

He Ping, M.S. Thesis Title: "The Synthesis of N-Vinyl, N-1-Propenyl and N-Unsubstituted beta-Lactams."

Mark Mislead, M.S. Thesis Title: "Asymmetric Synthesis of the Phenylisoserine Side Chain of the Anticancer Agent Taxol." 

Post-Doctoral Researchers
Dr. Harpal S. Gill (1984-1985) 
Dr. Joydeep Kant (1985-1988)
Dr. Ana M. Ly (1985-1987)
Dr. Eyüp Akgün (1988-1992)
Dr. Lalith Jayasinghe (1989-1990)
Dr. Vasulinga Ravikumar (1990-1992)
Dr. Jan Zygmunt (1990-1997)
Dr. Zacharia S. Cheruvallath (1990-1994)
Dr. Geraldine Bussolaria Harriman (1991-1995)
Dr. Tom Boge (1993-1996)
Dr. Lise Falborg (1993-1994)
Dr. Syed Ali (1992-1996)
Dr. Apurba Dutta (1993-1995)
Dr. Michael Hoemann (1993-1994)
Dr. Michael Hepperle (1995-1996)
Dr. Samuel Victory (1995-1999)
Dr. Craig Mossman (1996-1999)
Dr. Patrick Flaherty (1996-2001)
Dr. Sajiv Nair (1996-2000)
Dr. MariJean Eggen (1997-2000)
Dr. Ashok R. Tunoori (1997-1999)
Dr. Serge Jasmin (1997-1998)
Dr. Dinah Dutta (1997-2003)
Dr. Laxminarayan Bhat (1997-2000)
Dr. John Henri (1997-2001)
Dr. Haeil Park (1998-1999)
Dr. Apurba Datta (1999-2001)
Dr. Hari Krishna Reddy Santhapuram (1999-2001)
Dr. Subho Roy (1999-2002)
Dr. Wibke Diederich (2000-2002)
Dr. Reddy Bollu (2001-2004)
Dr. Ramappa Chakrasali (2001-2012)
Dr. Kristian Fried (2001-2002)
Dr. Chun Jing Liu (2001-2002)
Dr. Vidya Ramadas (2001-2003)
Dr. Hanumaiah Telikapalli (2001-2006)
Dr. Narendra Tripathy (2001-2003)
Dr. Torsten Haack (2002-2004)
Dr. Srinivas Pusuluri (2002-2003)
Dr. Lakshminarayana Vogeti (2002 –2004)
Dr. Jun Inagaki (2002-2004)
Dr. Sudhakar Jakkaraj (2002-2007)
Dr. Lakshminarayana Vogeti (2002 –2004)
Dr. Jun Inagaki (2002-2004) 
Dr. Vadim Gurvich (2003-2006) 
Dr. Timothy Ward (2004-2006)
Dr. KyoungLang Yang (2004)
Dr. Harish S. Parihar (2005-2006)
Dr. Oliver Hutt (2005-2008)
Dr. Keith Ellis (2005-2008)
Dr. Antonella Pepe (2008-2010)
Dr. Jae Chul Lee (2007-2010)
Dr. Shameem Sultana Syeda (2007-2010)
Dr. Neelam S. Krishnaveni (2007-2012)
Dr. Subhashree Rangarajan (2007-2010)
Dr. Vishweshwer Katta Rao (2007-2010)
Dr. Rebecca Cuellar (2008-2012)

Visiting Scholars
Dr. Shuai Lu, Lecturer at the China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China, Department of Organic Chemistry

Dr. Jean dos Santos, Professor at the State University of São Paulo, Brazil School of Pharmaceutical Science, Drugs and Medicines Department
Dr. Zhenyuan Miao, Professor at the Second Military Medical University, School of Pharmacy
Sven Epple, Visiting graduate student, University of Konstanz, Germany

Shams Ul-Mahmood, Graduate Student, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan Department of Chemistry
Xi Zong, Graduate Student, Southeast University, Nanjing, China, Department of Chemistry
Dr. Jin Cai, Associate Professor, Southeast University, Nanjing, China, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Luciano Barboni, Visiting Professor, University of Camerino, Italy

YuMi Ahn, Visting Scientist, Samyang Genex

Cathy Gerhardt                             Sara Pfeiffer                           Lynn Lampe                        Gene Schneider                         John Ehler 
Farrah Rezvani Burg                      Cheryl Bodeen                        James J. Gibbs                    He Ping                                     Jeffrey Mudd 
Linda Chen                                   Prasanna Bhende                    Jamie Clowers                     Scott Peterson                           Girish Ballolla 
Steven Burns                                Michael Baze                          Michael Langdon                  Timothy Badley                          Scott Steiger 
Mathew Carey                              Kyle Brown                             Carrie Hannett                     Elspeth Kinnucan                       Faryar Farokhi 
Kyle Brown                                  Mohammed Mohtashemipour    Adam Gregg                        Thomas Alderson                        Mirjon Bishja  
JohnMark Derryberry                    Marc Nola                               Huey Lih Lee                       Jariat Oyetunji                          Jonathan Wiley  
Gregory Isaac                               Luckson Mwape                       Lanny M. Sieman                 Jackie Lord                               Michael Kopit 
Amy Danowitz                              Amy (Trinh Le) Doan                Lucas Boley                         Kyung Mee (Janice) Lee             Susie Krzmarzick  
Rebecca Gunther                          Nick Bleeker                           Rebecca Horbert                 Ryan Herzig                               Nickolas Steer
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