Scholarly Awards

* Statement of Purpose

PSG Scholarly Grants are intended to help support current professional students at the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities and Duluth campuses to present their research work. Due to limited funding, PSG Scholarly Grants are only available to students who present their research (or similar scholarly endeavors) at conferences or professional meetings.

Due to the limited budget for Scholarly Grants, events where the student's research will not be presented cannot be funded through this grant. Students seeking funding to attend but not present at a conference should apply for a Professional Development Grant. Additionally, PSG is unable to fund more than 5 grants for the same event in any given application cycle. If more than 5 applications are received to present during the same event, the process will become competitive and funding will be awarded to the 5 applicants who applied first. If a situation arises in which funding runs out before we are able to accommodate all Scholarly Award applications, funding will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, applying early is in your interest.

Scholarly Grants will reimburse a student up to $250 for overseas conferences or up to $200 for events within North America. Please note that North America includes Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

* Eligibility

PSG Scholarly Grants are available to those who fulfill the following requirements:
  1. Must be a current University of Minnesota professional student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities or Duluth campuses.
  2. Must be a fee-paying member of PSG at the time of application and the event.
  3. Must have been accepted to present research or other work directly related to your degree program.
  4. The presentation at the event must occur after the PSG Congress meeting where your application will be considered. 
  5. Students may only receive one Scholarly Grant per academic career. 
* Before The Presentation
  1. Complete and submit a Scholarly Grant Application  before 12:00 pm (noon) on the day of the grant deadline. PSG Grant Deadlines may be found here. Your presentation should take place in the semester in which you are applying for the grant.
  2. An official letter or email confirming that you have been accepted by the conference to present. This can be in the form of an email correspondence or by taking a screenshot of the confirmation email or letter that has been saved in pdf or jpg format, and attached to the Application Form. 
  3. Proof of payment of the PSG fee. To submit electronically, make a screenshot and save in pdf or jpg format of your student account balance to show that you have made payments. Note: if you are paying your student account fees in installments, you must re-submit this document once the entire balance is paid in order to prove PSG fee payment.
* After The Presentation
  1. Complete an submit PSG Scholarly Grant Evaluation  Form  within 30 days after your presentation date. PSG Grant Deadlines may be found here
  2. Attach all necessary and relevant information to the Evaluation Form, as well as electronic copies of receipts totaling no less than the grant awarded.
  3. Electronic proof of conference attendance such as a scan of a name tag or conference brochure that has been saved in pdf or jpg format, and attached to the Evaluation Form. 
  4. The Evaluation Form along with the documents/receipts listed above must be submitted by no later than 3o days after presenting your research/project. You may submit your Evaluations earlier, however, students who fail to file the Evaluation forms by the deadline as outlined per the guidelines above will not receive the grant and be barred from PSG funds for one year.
* Scholarly Grant Policies
  1. Grants will be awarded to professional students without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.
  2. Grants will only be awarded to current professional students of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and Duluth campuses who pay the PSG  fee. Any professional student who is not charged the PSG fee directly by the administration may choose to take advantage of PSG services by paying the fee within 15 business days from the start of the semester.
  3. Eligible expenses include airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and conference/meeting registration fees. Alcohol is not an eligible expense for PSG Grant reimbursement. Ground transportation and lodging within the Twin Cities Metro area are not eligible expenses, however, expenses outside the Twin Cities Metro area are acceptable. 
  4. Grants will not be awarded to support full funding for the student's presentation. The applicant must demonstrate efforts to secure funding beyond this grant program in their application
  5. Scholarly grants are subject to funds availability. Due to overwhelming demand, grant funds usually become exhausted before the end of the Spring Semester, therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply early.
  6. PSG is not able to give advances for presentation costs. Awards will be given in full after the expenses have occurred and the grantee submits appropriate documents/receipts as requested in the Scholarly Award Evaluation Form. 
  7. PSG will not fund presentations retroactively. Students may apply for events which will take place in the Summer, during the Spring Semester, provided they have proof of acceptance to a conference.
  8. Your presentation should take place after the PSG General Assembly meeting that occurs after your application deadline. Please check the PSG Grants Deadlines page for more information. 
  9. A professional student may receive ONE grant per academic career for up to $250 for international presentations or up to $200 for those within North America (please note that North America includes Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, etc). 
  10. For any given grant cycle, only 5 applications to the same event will be funded. If more than 5 applicants apply to the same event, funding will be awarded to the 5 applicants who applied first. If funding becomes exhausted and all eligible grants within a given cycle cannot be accommodated, funding will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  11. Scholarly Award evaluations must be submitted within 30 days after your presentation date. Failure to submit the Evaluation Form and supporting documents/receipts in a timely manner will result in loss of funding. 
  12. An electronic copy of all receipts must be scanned and attached as a pdf or jpg document to the Evaluation Form. NO paper/hard copies will be accepted! All UMN Libraries are equipped with scanners and librarians are able to assist you with this process upon request. 
  13. The check for your grant will be available within 1-2 weeks after the upcoming General Assembly meeting. 
  14. Grant checks must be retrieved from the office within 30 days of after you have been notified of their printing. After 30 days, checks become void and will not be reprinted. 
  15. Any misrepresentation of information in grant proposals, as well as errors and failure to follow through with grant policies will have consequences determined by the Grants Committee. 
  16. The final decision for PSG Scholarly Grants rests with the PSG Grants Committee. Appeals of this process can be made in writing to the Vice-President for Grants, which may be passed on to the Assembly, if necessary. In the event that the Grants Committee or Assembly reconsiders an appeal, the student organization will be contacted and informed of any updates. 
  17. If you have any questions about the information/instructions for the PSG Grant Application/Evaluation process, it is your responsibility to contact the Vice-President for Grants at for clarification in advance.
    Only complete applications will be considered.