“Frames of Violence” – proposes a forum that recognizes the multiple articulations of violence as manifested, experienced, or resisted across different people, groups and locations. The suggestion of framing emphasizes that understanding violence is both about placing it within its sphere of perpetuation, its context; and at the same time, train attention to those aspects that remain outside limited context and discussion. With that perspective, the intention is to enable an interface and an interaction among various possible positions on how violence can be apprehended – ones which have centered discussion and representation as well as those which remain on the margins. Through this interaction, we expect that different ways of understanding, multiple connections and fresh interfaces can be gained which in turn, can lead to the constitution of potentially new knowledges.

The central concern of this symposium is to bring together various voices and expressions across communities, modes of representation and positions about different ways of living with violence. The following guiding themes indicate directions rather than limits:

  • What kinds of questions and problematics can arise through a coalition of representations of violence in different fora, such as in artistic or scholarly work, in embodied performances, in the telling of personal experiences or in political organizing? How can we generate conversations and interactions that allow an exchange of sharing, resisting and coping among such typified ways of expression?
  • What strategies of understanding, resisting and coping can we generate to interrupt typical conversations about violence that are overdetermined through, for instance, racialized, gendered or sexualized codes? How do particular instances of violence contextualized in local cultural, political and economic parameters interface with other paradigms such as those of race, gender, class, sexuality, identity or social position?
  • Can cultural, social and geographical differences speak to each other, such that terrains which have remained limited or unexplored, or, questions which have been frozen in localized regimes find further expression and resistance?

We hope to address “Frames of Violence” through the following themes:

  • Violence and the State
  • Coping with Violence
  • Art and Violence
  • Media and Mediatizing Violence
  • The Environment and Violence