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Frames of Violence 


This project proposes a forum that recognizes that violence is ubiquitous, that it is experienced and resisted by different peoples in multiple ways. By inviting all those who comprehend the ubiquity of violence in its many forms to participate and contribute to our discussion, this project seeks the emergence of unpredictable and exceptional frames and perspectives on the subject. We hope that by juxtaposing different perspectives and insights, new ways of knowing and responding to violence can be forged and foregrounded.

We propose five frames of discussion that will be emphasized in different events and fora.

    * Violence and the State
    * Visual Media and Violence
    * Coping with Violence
    * Art and Violence
    * The Environment and Violence

We sincerely hope that you will participate fully in the diverse fora we are creating for this discussion—community discussions, symposium roundtables, online discussions—and bring our vision of a deep and rich conversation around these issues to fruition!

We will be hosting the Frames of Violence Symposium on April 15-18, 2010.  

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Online Discussion

April 2010
Visual Media & Violence

by Ricardo Dominguez

In the past few weeks, a number of developments have occurred in relation to the art/research practices of bang lab and Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT), which we wish to share with the public in accordance with our long history of radical transparency.

- Since November of 2009 the Transborder Immigrant Tool has become a media event with many groups and individuals, such as Congressman Duncan Hunter in his Op-ed in the San Diego Union Tribune, calling for the defunding of the Transborder Immigrant Tool. The University of California system began a financial audit of the project on January 11, 2010, in which they requested that every member involved be interviewed by Audit & Management Advisory Services (UCSD).

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