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Minnesota: Program Checklist - new student overview (timeline & activities)

(Word versions available to personalize for individual program)
    Step 1: Beginning & Ending Balance Sheets
    Beginning Balance Sheet - Word Version / PDF Version
    Ending Balance Sheet - Word Version / PDF Version
    Loan Worksheet* - Word Version / PDF Version
                *Note that the Word version of the Loan worksheet is 8.5x14
    Step 2: Cash Flow & Enterprise Information
    2016 Income Statement - Word Version / PDF Version

New England: 

2017 Info

2019 Benchmark Leaders Meeting Documents:
CFFM Update - Dale Nordquist
Plan on a Page - Bruce Fowler
Market Channel Analysis - Mike Sciabarassi & Curtis Mahnken (See below for test version)
Value of the Database - Del Lecy & Kevin Klair
Top Farmer Wrap-Up - Dale Nordquist
Research Update - Joleen Hadrich
2019 Closeout Manual & FINPACK Updates - Dale Nordquist & Pauline Van Nurden
RankEm Error Checks and Vault Issues - Rann Loppnow & Dale Nordquist

2017 FINPACK Enterprise Analysis Webinar Series: Webinar #3 - Enterprise Analysis

For more information contact:
Pauline Van Nurden                Curtis Mahnken                                
612-625-4219                         612-624-7585