PLEASE NOTE: Due to updates to Google Sites, this website will become inactive after May 2022. Thank you for playing Information Fallout!
The world has been brought to ruin by misinformation. Infrastructure has collapsed. Countries have disbanded. Uninformed decision-making, unfounded rumors, and rampant confusion have led to nuclear meltdowns, war, looting, and disease.  Most humans are trapped in a mindless zombie state. What’s left of thinking civilization has fled underground into isolated pockets, scrabbling to survive.
But a power structure still exists. The bringers of the apocalypse continue to reign. A gang of internet trolls, content pirates, and partisan talk show hosts stalks the earth, feeding on confusion and uninformed decision-making. They are ruled by the all-powerful Director of Misinformation.
The Director and her agents came to power by seizing the one item humankind needs to survive in an information-saturated world. She has locked that item away in a vault in her secret hideout.  “Agents of misinformation, we must keep that which is locked in this vault hidden from civilization. They will seek it by successfully evaluating new ideas – we cannot let this happen. Use all of your powers of obfuscation and insincerity to confuse and misdirect humankind. In this way, we will rule forever!”

Will you help to topple this regime, recover what is in the vault, and build a new information-literate world?

Begin Quest One!