Reporting & Data Management (RDM)

In the Fall of 2012, the University of Minnesota began upgrading its essential financial, human resources, and student service systems as part of the overall Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program (ESUP). 

RDM is a cross-functional work stream that touches each of the systems affected by ESUP with a role to create and update central reports, identify data changes and reports to the UMN community. This team works closely with the Enterprise Data Management and Reporting (EDMR) governance structure. You can find more information about EDMR on its web site.

The RDM project work stream is cross-functional and focuses on two tracks:
1) Reporting
2) Enterprise Data Information and Delivery

Systems include:
  • Current data warehouse (legacy) and central reporting environment (UM Reports)
  • Central reports residing within PeopleSoft
  • UM Analytics
  • Development of Enterprise Data Warehouse framework design
Goals for Reporting: Work with the project work streams to:
  • Meet Go-Live reporting needs
  • Align central reports to business process; determine what type of information is needed
  • Identify reports needing real-time data and create reports using real-time data
Goals for Data Information and Delivery: Work with the project work streams to:
  • Make changes to current data warehouse tables where business process within HR, Student and Finance have changed; communicate changes to user community
  • Work with the ESUP Integration Team to provide subsidiary systems and data warehouse users with the table changes and modifications coming from the HR, Student, and Finance work stream
New Reporting Center:

As part of ESUP, RDM is developing the Reporting Center to serve as a catalog to University enterprise level reports within the myU Portal. It will provide direct access (links) to reports from multiple reporting tools, like UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft in one location. 

Click below for more information about RDM and its team members.

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