ESUP Formal Community of Practice (FCoP)

Integrating Data, Enterprise Architecture, and Applications (IDEAA) informal community of practice


  • Disseminate detailed information about changes to critical University systems (PeopleSoft, Data Warehouse, etc) resulting from The Upgrade. 
  • Create/share resources to help encourage tertiary system readiness. 
  • Provide forum for 2-way communication between IT community and upgrade project.
  • Attend monthly meetings (usually 3rd Tuesday of each month)
  • Work with ESUP Integration representatives to prepare your tertiary systems for upgrade & meet status reporting deadlines
  • Ask questions and provide feedback
What you will learn
  • Changes to PeopleSoft/DW databases, tables, columns, and values
  • Changes to connection processes and other related technology issues
  • System readiness and cutover planning
  • Why these changes are being made

Google Group