ESUP Formal Community of Practice (FCoP)

Change Management Affinity Group

We won't have all the answers, but we'll know where to find them. We want you to be comfortable with how the upgrade impacts people in their job, so you can be a guide to people who are struggling.

What's in scope?

  1. We'll create awareness and advocacy across all of IT@UMN for ESUP go-live and post go-live enhanced support.
  2. We need all 1,300 IT staff willing and able to be advocates for and speak intelligently about ESUP at go-live.
  3. We should all be able to help our end users through what will be a challenging transition.
  4. We should come at this with a common positive attitude and messaging on how we can get through this together at UMN.

What's the plan?

  • October 2014: IT@UMN develops a communication plan, with talking points and elevator speech
  • December 2014: Offer ESUP 101 Training for IT@UMN
  • Mid-December: IT@UMN conducts Upgrade Awareness and Readiness Assessment
  • February 2015: All 1,300 IT professionals feel ready for go-live support and deployment

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