Principal Investigator Profiles

Tamara Moore - Lead Principal Investigator
Purdue University

Tamara’s research and teaching interests are centered on the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts in mathematics, science, and engineering classrooms. Getting students interested in STEM fields while at the same time providing them with rich learning experiences is challenging. In order to address this challenge, her research agenda has been focused on learning and teaching problem solving and modeling through the context of engineering. Tamara believes that providing students with realistic contexts in which to learn mathematics and science furthers their interest in these subjects. Because of her belief that teaching mathematics and science should be tied to a context, she has been developing curricular tools and researching professional development in this area.

Marshall DavisCo-Principal Investigator
Saint Paul Public Schools

Marshall Davis is the K-12 Science Program Manager for Saint Paul Public Schools focusing on K-12 science and engineering curriculum, teacher professional development, and community partnerships. Marty has served on a number of NSTA science conference committees, facilitated the creation and adoption of the 2003 and 2009 Minnesota Academic Science Standard which included engineering standards as part of science, and is currently a state lead for the Next Generation Science Standards Review.

Selcen Guzey - Co-Principal Investigator
Purdue University

S. Selcen Guzey is an Assistant Professor of Science Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University. Dr. Guzey’s research on integrated STEM education focuses on design, implementation, and evaluation of integrated STEM teaching and learning strategies. To investigate the effectiveness of integrated models of STEM education Dr. Guzey develops curricular materials and teacher professional development programs.

Gillian Roehrig - Co-Principal Investigator
STEM Education Center, CEHD, University of Minnesota

As a professor of STEM education in the department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Roehrig’s teaching and research is focused on the preparation and retention of beginning secondary science teachers and the implementation of inquiry-based and integrated STEM instruction and technology integration in secondary science classrooms. Her research agenda is focused on the constraints experienced by teachers as they implement inquiry-based and integrated STEM instruction and/or integrate technology in their classrooms and how these constraints can be mitigated through participation in professional development. 

Paul Imbertson - Co-Principal Investigator

The Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power, CSE, University of Minnesota

Currently serving as CCEFP Education Co-director and Professor, Dr. Imbertson received the BS (83) MS (94) and PhD (97) in electrical engineering, all from the University of Minnesota. He has worked in power electronics for military avionics and is currently a Teaching Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota, where he has been voted Best Professor eleven times. His current interests include the wide-ranging topics of energy and deciphering the minds of electrical engineering students.