Choose Your Scavenger Hunt

The Lost Dino Vets

You work on a team of dinosaur veterinarians stationed at T. rex Park in Costa Rica.
You stayed behind to log data while the rest of your team left headquarters at dawn to track down the stegosaurus. 

They need to collect blood samples for the stegosaurus senior screening.
At 10:00 AM you received a  call for help from your team over the radio.   

Accept this mission and help your team find their way home before sunset.

Stolen Treasure

You were vacationing with your family on a Caribbean Cruise ship when on your fourth night at sea, 
Pirate Garrick "The Blue Fox" Horn - The Treasure of Bottle Shore - and crew quietly boarded your ship without notice.  

During the night, they located the Captain's private quarters while he was at the helm.  
Pirate Garrick quickly stole a work of art that is of great value to the Captain and silently slipped back to his ship.  

The Pirate be a priceless catch, with a heart of gold and teeth to match!

Accept this mission and help the Captain locate Pirate Garrick and retrieve his valuable work of art.

Saturn's Moon

 Saturn's Moon

You and your team are travelling to Enceladus, Saturn's sixth-largest, icy moon.  
Your team has been instructed to land on Enceladus and extract samples from the water beneath the icy crust.

The deep ocean that lies beneath several miles of icy crust, is thought to be capable of supporting life.
An unidentified life form has threatened your team's safety and may compromise your mission.

Accept this mission, collect water samples, and safely return your crew to Earth. 

The Broken Goalie Stick
The Broken Goalie Stick

Your hockey team, the Ottawa Otters, are playing the toughest team in the league, the Washington Wolverines.
Your position on the team is left defense, and you've managed to successfully assist the goalie throughout the game, 
blocking shots and clearing opposing players out of the crease.  In the third period your team is up by one goal, 2-1.

But in the last minute of the game, the Wolverine forwards surround your goalie.  
The center takes a shot and misses, but the Wolverines maintain control of the puck.
Your goalie's stick was broken by that last goal attempt.

Accept this mission and race to lend your hockey stick to the goalie before the Wolverines score and tie the game.

A Piece of Cake

A Piece of Cake 

You and three of your friends want to create a snack stand with nutritious options for students at your school, Valley View Academy.
School administrators have agreed to provide the money and provisions for your snack stand.

In exchange, administrators have required your group to research for information on nutritious foods for students and make a proposal
for what should be included in the snack stand and how often it should be available.  
If this is not completed, they will not support the snack stand.

Accept this mission and help your friends discover nutrition information for your snack stand.  A piece of cake, right?