ECE Rice Student Services Center

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             ECE Teaching Assistants or HKN tutors are 
                     available to provide study help!

                         Visit: z.umn.edu/ecetutors

 Come visit us at our office in 3-166 Keller Hall!
      Hours: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday

Our Advising Staff:     
Frances Wood

Frances Wood
  Assistant Academic Advisor
  Phone: 612-625-4327
  Email: fkwood@umn.edu


Roopa Berzins-Sukumaran
Academic Advisor And Communications
Phone: 612-624-2285
Email: suku0005@umn.edu

               General Queries:
      Contact the Front Desk at:

     Phone: 612-624-7777
   Email: ecessoa@umn.edu
Other Advising Staff:

James Leger
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 612-625-0838
Email: leger@umn.edu      

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