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Grants Committee

Members of the Grants Committee review and score applications for the highly competitive COGS grants. The Grants Committee is at the heart of our competitive process for allocating grant funding. Each application is read thoroughly and scored by at least two committee members in the weeks before the working meetings, and the committee as a whole makes awards after discussing the applications. In the unlikely event that we are unable to finish making awards during a working meeting we'll schedule a follow-up meeting.

Good reasons to be on the grants committee:
  • it's fun and collegial
  • it's a good way to build your own grant-writing skills – our review process is designed to reflect a “realistic” model of grant award and review
  • you get to learn a lot about the research and student activities going on across campus
  • we get to help people do cool, interesting things
  • there's free food at our working meetings
The time commitment for committee members is one to two working meetings per semester, plus reading and reviewing a package of grant applications that will be assigned to you individually in the weeks before each working meeting. 

There will also be a meeting for orientation and training before we start, and another meeting after each semester to review our process and policy and recommend improvements going forward. We will make sure every committee member is well prepared to review their first package of applications.

Any COGS graduate student is eligible to apply. While committee members will have to recuse themselves from discussing any application where they have a conflict of interest, committee service doesn't make you ineligible to apply for grants.

Interested in Serving on the COGS Grants Committee?

Email Jeanna Wieselmann to express your interest: