Leadership Team

Office of the President Officers
  Nicholas Goldsmith
  Rye Gentleman
Legislative Director
  Erin Jewett

Executive Committee Officers and Staff

  Zach Sheffler
    Chief of Staff
  Leila Jones
    Liason for Special Projects
  Josh Mervis
    R. to the Board of Regents
  Lauren Mitchell
    Ranking R. to the Graduate Education Council
  Andrea Wolf
    R. to the GEC  Veronica Postal
    R. to the GEC
  Keven Joyal-Desmarais
    R. to the GEC  Sara Shueb
    R. to the SSCC  Nick Aimes
    Director of Programming
  Sara Arnold
    Associate Director of Programming
  Julie Hess
    Associate Director of Programming
  Sam Stewart 
    Director of Finance
  Ryan Machtmes
    Associate Director for Development
  Tommy Keller
    Director of Grants
  Jeanna Wieselmann
    Associate Director of Grants
  Amanda Gorton
    Director of Communications
  Joseph Sannicandro
    Director of University Relations
  Rob Stewart

Committee & Task Force Chairs
Mental Health & Wellness
  Christina Mondi
Graduate Employees
  Joseph Sannicandro
Equity & Diversity
  Ryan Machtmes
Community Spaces
  Pantea Moghimi

Judicial and Parliamentary Officers
Chief Justice
  Erin Jewett
  Nick Ames
  Andi Wisniewski
High Chancellor
  Pantea Moghimi
  Assistant Chancellor