E-Learning formal Community of Practice (fCoP) 

University of Minnesota students in a classroom with a laptop

Students with a laptop in a University of Minnesota classroom (image by Patrick O'Leary)

The E-Learning Community of Practice (CoP) is a formal CoP charged with bringing University academic technologists together and inviting them to:

  1. Create an inventory of academic technology tools and services offered at the University. This inventory will be codified in a website that summarizes where faculty can go to get different technology services.
  2. Establish a "best guess" of what technology tools and services are needed for the vision that is being developed by the Provost office.
  3. Crosswalk the inventory of academic technologies listed in item one with the high-level view of what technologies may be needed in item two and provide a report on where the University is missing obvious functions, or identify functions that are provided but may not be well-known or established.
Hello ELFCoP members,

The ITLCoP Leadership Team expressed their appreciation to us on a job well done completing the initial ELFCop charge. We want to thank you for the contributions you have made. Participation in ELFCoP has continued to be high throughout the year, and the ITLCoP Steering Committee has complimented your work highly.

So, our work for FY13 is complete. The ACIOs are currently completing their FY14 governance process analysis. Once this analysis is complete, it will inform strategic directions for academic technology. At that point, ELFCoP could receive a new charge and meetings would resume.

We want to thank you all for your hard work, energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to our work in FY13 and we look forward to the next phase of our work to reach our common goal of enhancing academic technology services at the University.

The ELFCoP Steering Committee