Addressing gender imbalance in AI

Organized by Maria Gini and Veronica Dahl

Tuesday July 12, 3:10 to 5:00 in Room Morgan

A working session for a discussion on issues facing women in AI and CS, with emphasis on possible solutions to increase the number of women in AI. The session is open to anyone (women and men) interested in addressing gender imbalance. The session will include a panel to start the discussion and small group discussions to share best practices

The session will start with a panel with

    • Carla Brodley, Professor and Dean, Northeastern University

    • Amy Greenwald, Associate Professor, Brown University

    • Amy Hoover, postdoc, Northeastern University

    • Julie Shah, Associate Professor, MIT

    • Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, IIIA, CSIC, Spain

The panel members will present their own experiences and suggestions. This will be followed by discussion of issues and best practices. We will then try to put together a plan of actions.

Look down in this page at the slides with data about gender imbalance in computer science.