Women in AI

The world-wide female participation in AI and CS in general is dwindling instead of increasing. The decrease of the number of women in AI  is specially worrisome, because AI over the years has enjoyed a larger representation of women compared to other areas of computer science.

This discipline specific set of activities is aimed at creating a network of women and members of other under-represented groups at the  IJCAI 2016 conference.

The aims of the planned activities are to:
  • build a support network within the greater AI community comprised of students, postdocs and established researchers from under-represented groups
  • motivate the participants and get them excited about doing research in AI by having successful researchers engage in conversation with them,act as role models, and talk about AI research;
  • reflect on the barriers that women and members of other under-represented groups face and discuss what to do to try to change the situation;
  • talk about career paths and the skills necessary to become successful researchers and eventually to obtain a job in academia, government laboratories, or industry.

The activities planned include:

  • a dinner meeting the evening of Sunday July 10 with mentoring and networking activities
  • an afternoon meeting on Tuesday July 12 for all the women attending the conference and anyone else who is interested .in discussing the issue of how to address the gender imbalance.  For additional details see Addressing gender imbalance in AI
  • a breakfast the morning of Thursday July 14 to talk about the experience at the conference and to plan future activities.

Funding provided by CRA-W/CDC and the AI journal.