I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I teach courses in structural mechanics and do research in the field of simulation-based engineering science.

My research interests are in computational mechanics, focusing on the modeling and finite element analysis of multiphysics and multiscale mechanical systems. In particular, I strive to develop novel geometry-through-analysis tools that enable the seamless transfer of complex geometric models from computer-aided design and biomedical imaging into simulation results. Specific applications driving my work include the computational design of aerodynamic structures (for example, turbine blades) and the integration of computer simulations in clinical practice, with the goal of enabling new patient-specific treatments (for example, for bone osteoporosis). You can learn more in the research section of this website or from these videos.

My work has been distinguished with a number of high-level research awards, in particular the IACM John Argyris Award, the GAMM Richard-von-Mises Prize, the ICE Zienkiewicz Medal, the NSF CAREER Award, and the EMI Leonardo da Vinci Award.

Please note that for spring 2019 I am on leave at the Institute of Mechanics and Computational Mechanics of the Leibniz University Hannover in Germany.

I am always seeking highly motivated and talented PhD students. I am particularly interested in candidates with a strong background in solid and fluid mechanics, applied mathematics, numerical methods, programming and scientific computing. If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to send me via email your current CV and a short letter of motivation.

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Dr. Dominik Schillinger
Assistant Professor

Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering
University of Minnesota
500 Pillsbury Drive S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0116, USA

Phone: +1 612 624-0063
Fax: +1 612 626-7750

Office: CivE 240
Email: dominik at umn.edu