De Liu

De Liu
Associate Professor & 3M Fellow in Business Analytics
Carlson School of Management | 321 - 19th Avenue South, 3-163 | Minneapolis, MN 55455
University of Minnesota

Office phone: 612-626-4480

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My general research interests lie in combining economic thinking with sociological and psychological perspectives in analyzing and designing mechanisms for digital markets and platforms. His current research deals with economics of Internet auctions & contests, gamification, social media and social commerce, crowdfunding and Internet finance. My research has appeared in outlets such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Market Research, Production and Operations Management. I currently serves as an associate editor for Information Systems Research and Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce. I teach big data and business analytics courses at Carlson School, and serve as the Program Director of the MS in Business Analytics, and PhD coordinator of Information and Decision Sciences. 

Research Interests

  • Economics of Internet Auctions and Contests
  • Gamification in Digital Health and Learning
  • Social Media and Social Commerce
  • Crowdfunding and Internet Finance

Working Papers

Economics of Internet Auctions and Contests:

* This research stream is partly supported by the National Science Foundation of China under Grant No.71571044
  1. Experts versus the Crowds: A Comparison of Selection Mechanisms in Crowdsourcing Contests  (with Liang Chen and Pei Xu). In preparation for submission. SSRN
  2. New Privacy-Preserving Ascending Auction for Assignment Problems (with Adib Bagh), revise and resubmit at Management Science. SSRN (older version).
  3. A Truthful and Efficient Mechanism for Multi-slot Ad Scheduling with Budget Constraints (with Yang Sun).
  4. Economic Analysis of Reward Advertising (With H. Guo, X. Zhao and L. Hao). Revise and Resubmit at Production and Operations Management.

Social Media and Social Commerce:

  1. The Ebb and Flow of Online Word of Mouth (with Z. Ke and A. Gupta), SSRN
  2. Beyond Consumption: Do Social Network Friends Turn You into Reviewers? (with Z. Ke, A. Gupta, D. Brass), Revise and Resubmit at MIS Quarterly.
  3. Gender, Networks and Knowledge Production (with J. Ling, A. Mehra, D. Brass and S. Borgatti), Revise and Resubmit at Administrative Science Quarterly
  4. Product Engagement and Identity Signaling: The Role of Likes in Social Commerce for Fashion Products (with Pei Xu), Revise and Resubmit at Information and Management. SSRN 

Gamification in Health and Learning:

  1. GAMESIT: A Gamified System for Information Technology Training (with J. Park, M.Y. Yi, R. Santhanam), Under review.
  2. Gamified Technology-Mediated Learning:The Role of Individual Differences (with M. Shen, D. Evans, and R. Santhanam)
  3. Incentives in a Real-World Decision Aid for Promoting Physical Activity (with Yash Babar, Shawn Curley, Zhihong Ke and Zach Sheffler)

Crowdfunding and Internet Finance:

  1. Better to Give Than to Receive: Positive Impacts of Donation-Based Contribution Schemes on Crowdfunding Outcomes (with Zhigang Cai and Jason Chan), in preparation for submission.


Selected Journal Publications:

  1. Gord Burtch, Yili Hong, and De Liu. On the Effects of Provision Points in Online Crowdfunding (2017). To appear at Journal of Management Information Systems.
  2. Liu, De, Radhika Santhnam, Jane Webster (2017). Towards Meaningful Engagement: A Framework for Design and Research of Gamified Information Systems. Forthcoming at MIS QuarterlyPDFSSRN (abstract)
  3. Rui, Huaxia, De Liu, Andrew B. Whinston (2017). Allocation and Pricing of Substitutable Goods: Theory and Algorithm. Production and Operations Management 26(5): 767-783SSRN, PDF.
  4. Chen, Liang, Zihong Huang, De Liu (2016). Pure and Hybrid Crowds in Crowdfunding Markets. Financial Innovation 2(1) 1-19. SSRN | PDF
  5. Santhnam, Radhika, De Liu, Milton Shen (2016). Gamification of Technology-Mediated Training: Not All Competitions Are the Same. Information Systems Research 27(23):453-465. SSRN PDF
  6. Liu, De, Daniel J. Brass, Yong Lu, Dongyu Chen (2015). Friendships in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: Pipes, Prisms, and Relational Herding. MIS Quarterly 39(3): 729-742. Download | SSRN
  7. Liu, De, Siva Viswanathan. Information Asymmetry and Hybrid Advertising (2014). Journal of Marketing Research 51(5):609-624. Download SSRN
  8. Li, Jun, De Liu, and Shulin Liu (2013). Optimal Keyword Auctions for Optimal User Experiences. Decision Support Systems 56(2013): 450-461. Download | SSRN
  9. Liu, De, Xun Li, and Radhika Santhanam (2013). Digital Games and Beyond: What Happens When Players Compete. MIS Quarterly 37(1) 111-124. Download
  10. Liu, Shulin, Jun Li, and De Liu (2012). Multi-attribute Procurement Auctions with Risk Averse Suppliers. Economics Letters 115(3) 408-411. Download | SSRN
  11. Liu, De, Gautam Ray, and Andrew B. Whinston (2010). The Interaction between Knowledge Codification and Knowledge Sharing Networks. Information Systems Research 21(4) 892-906. Download
  12. Liu, De, Jianqing Chen, and Andrew B. Whinston (2010). Ex-Ante Information and Design of Keyword Auctions. Information Systems Research 21 (1): 133-153. Download
  13. Chen, Jianqing, De Liu, and Andrew Whinston (2009). Auctioning Keywords in Online Search. Journal of Marketing 73(4), 125-141 Download
  14. Wu, Jiming and De Liu (2007). The Effects of Trust and Enjoyment on Intention to Play Online Games. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research 8 (2), 128-140. Download
  15. Liu, De, Xianjun Geng, and Andrew B. Whinston (2007). Optimal Design of Consumer Contests. Journal of Marketing, Vol. 71 (October 2007), pp140-155. Download
  16. Liu, De and Jianqing Chen (2006). Designing online auctions with past performance information. Decision Support Systems, 42, 1307-1320. Download

Book Chapters:

  1. Liu, De, Xianjun Geng, A. B. Whinston (2007). Status Seeking and the Design of Online Entertainment Communities. In Karmarkar, Uday S. and Uday M. Apte, eds. Managing in the Information Economy: Current Research Issues. New York, NY: Springer. Download
  2. Susarla, A., D. Liu, A. B. Whinston (2003). Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management. In C. W. Holsapple (eds) Handbook on Knowledge Management. Berlin, Germany: Springer. Volume 2: 129-140.Download
  3. Liu, De, Jianqing Chen, A. B. Whinston (2007). Current Issues in Keyword Auctions. SSRN


Doctoral Students

  • Zhihong Ke (expected 2018), University of Minnesota, Chair. 
  • Matthew Spradling (2016), University of Kentucky Computer Science, Committee Member. Placement: Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Michigan-Flint. Dissertation Title: Role Based Hedonic Games.
  • Pei Xu (2014), University of Kentucky, Chair. Placement: Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at Auburn University. Dissertation Title: How Consumers Use Social Shopping Websites? The Effect of Social Recommendation and Computer Recommendation.

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