The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Enhancement and Enrichment Programming (DEEP) has been designed because we value the relationship and engagement that is fostered when we are able to spend “DEEP” time with each other (students and faculty).  For this reason, we have developed an intensive day held one time each semester when all of our DNP students are on campus.

The Spring 2019 DEEP programming will be held on Thursday, January 31, 2019 in the Mayo Auditorium, and it will include a presentation by Minnesota State Representative Erin Murphy.

Be sure to review the day's agenda.

The objectives of DEEP include: 
  1. To foster learning and leadership as a member of the interprofessional healthcare team
  2. To develop successful strategies for transitioning to the advanced nursing practice role 
  3. To enhance students' scholarly capabilities and success
  4. To set the foundation for the legacy and generativity each student will carry forward post-graduation
  5. To foster engagement with our community, mentors, faculty and preceptors
  6. To support student wellbeing and resilience with specific actions and support
Note that not every objective will be addressed at every DEEP day, rather the objectives will be addressed throughout the DNP student experience.

Please return to this site after DEEP day to evaluate your experience. The Evaluation link will be available for students immediately after DEEP day.