Instructor Guide to Flipped Data Management Course

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[Semester] [Year] Workshop Series

Participants may sign-up for one or all 5 of the data management workshops. 

[link to register]. 

Participants that attend all 5 data management workshops ([Start Date]-[End Date] [Year]) will receive a certificate of Data Management training for their UMN training records. 
[Semester] [Year] Workshop Series

The Data Management workshop series will be a "flipped classroom" format where participants will watch a 3-9 minute video before attending an hour-long workshop. In class we will focus on hands-on participation and activities. 

The University Libraries' course on data management is designed for graduate students at the University of Minnesota who seek to prepare themselves as “data information literate" scientists in the digital research environment. Detailed videos and in-class workshop activities will help you prepare for the specific and long-term needs of managing your research data. Experts in digital curation will describe current sharing expectations of federal funding agencies (like NSF, NIH) and give advice on how to ethically share and preserve research data for long-term access and reuse.

Students participating in this course will receive:
  • Five workshop sessions to gain hands-on skills for managing digital research data accompanied with 3-9 minute video lessons that you can watch anytime online or download to your device.
  • A Data Management Plan (DMP) template with tips on how to complete each section. Your completed DMP can be used in grant applications or put into practice as a protocol for handling data individually or within your research group or lab.
  • (Optional) Feedback and consultation on your completed DMP by research data curators in your field.  

Participants that attend all 5 data management workshops in this series (MMDD-MMDD) will receive a certificate of completion for your University training records. If you have any questions please contact the instructors.

Instructor Note: There were some students who had to miss one class out of the series. If they wished to "make up" the content and earn the certificate, we asked them to watch the class video and then fill out the minute paper and turn that in. Students were only allowed to do that for a single class period.

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