Session 5: How to Digitally Preserve Your Data for the Future

What happens to your data after the project is complete? Will you be able to use the data 10 years from now? Who is going to maintain the data for future use? This module will introduce preservation and curation techniques used by information professionals who manage digital information for long-term access. After this module you will be able to:
  • explain the lifespan of potential use for your data in order to recognize the long-term value of your data, and
  • identify the relevant preservation-friendly file format for your research data in order to ensure long-term access to your digital information.

Cartoon: Saving Your Data for Posterity by Oliver Widder.
Video Lesson: Data Archiving and Preservation
Instructions: Watch this (5m 30s) video and then attend the data management workshop for hands-on activities on this topic.

Flipped Data Management Workshop Series

After watching the Video Lesson, attend the January 17, 2014 workshop "Data Management Series: How to Digitally Preserve Your Data for the Future" (3:30pm-4:30pm)

Register online at the Libraries workshop page. 

In your DMP (what's this?), complete section 6 of your DMP on “How my data will be preserved for long-term access...”

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