Session 4: How to Share Your Data and Ethically Reuse Data Created by Others

Scholars publish their research in journals using graphs and charts to describe the data they collected. But sharing the data behind those results is
 an important part of the scholarly communication process. Sharing data allows for the validation, replicability, and reuse of those results in new and amazing ways. This section will describe the benefits of data sharing and potential for reuse and introduce the concepts of data publishing and data citation. After this module you will be able to:
  • name the audience for whom the data will be shared in order to customize the documentation and format for potential reuse,
  • explain an approach you will use to share the data in order to instill best practices for future data sharing, and
  • cite data in a properly structured format in accordance with emerging standards in order to prepare to ethically reuse data in the future.
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Video Lesson: Data Sharing, Citation and Reuse
Instructions: Watch this (4 min 30s) video and then attend the data management workshop for hands-on activities on this topic.

Flipped Data Management Workshop Series

After watching the Video Lesson, attend the January 16, 2014 workshop "Data Management Series: How to Share Your Data and Ethically Reuse Data Created by Others" (3:30pm-4:30pm)

Register online at the Libraries workshop page. 

In your DMP (what's this?), complete section 5 on “How will my data be shared....” 
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