PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade

The PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade is an upgrade of our student systems done in two phases. 

The first phase, the "Technical Upgrade," is an upgrade of the technical platform from version 9.0 to 9.2. This is being done to maintain vendor support for security and regulations as well as allow for adoption of future vendor-released functionality. This was completed September 24, 2017. Students, faculty, and staff will notice little to no changes as a result of this technical upgrade. 

The second phase, the "Functional Upgrade," will be several months dedicated to implementing process improvements utilizing available delivered tools. During this phase, functionality will be released on a monthly basis rather than one, final launch date. This phase will end June 2018

Release information


June marked the conclusion of the project. 

The preferred name, gender identity, and personal pronouns project released new functionality for all students and staff to add a gender identity and/or personal pronoun to their records if they choose to. The gender identity field is separate from the existing "gender" field and currently only displays for the individual. The personal pronouns will be made available to advisors, faculty, instructors, and other University staff via Faculty Center (class roster and photo roster), Advisor Center (my advisees), Student Services Center, and APLUS. 

The communications review and standardization project completed the updating of nearly 300 email templates within PeopleSoft so that they conform to newly established standards (use of University of Minnesota header, footer describing sender and recipients of the email, consistent formatting of the body). Training for technical staff and documentation for both technical and functional staff were also completed.

The guide to graduation project deployed content within MyU for students. Email communications were also developed and will start to be sent to students. 


On May 20, there were several releases related to the Functional Upgrade. 

New fluid pages for students to enroll in a payment plan were deployed as well as process changes for how installments are calculated and updates to related administrative PeopleSoft pages. This created clarity and process efficiencies as well as resolving concerns for 1098-T processing. The payment plan improvement project is now completed.

Entrance counseling was incorporated into the institutional loan self-service promissory not process for both trust loans as well as Health Professions Loans. The University is now in full compliance with federal regulations for health professions loans. The entrance counseling for health professions loans project is now completed.

The third part of the work for the Education Abroad module enhancements initiative went into place. This fixed the default track checklists. 

Requirements for future work on a communications dashboard (part of the communications review and standardization project) were completed. 

April 2018

On April 22, there were more releases related to Functional Upgrade initiatives.

The new navigation and look and feel for parents/guests went live as part of the parent/guest access improvements initiative. 

A technical fix related to email communications syncing to MyU notifications went into place as part of the communications review and standardization initiative. This concludes the technical work for this project and allows the next phase of the project to proceed.

New security roles were developed and implemented to enable the future implementation of a new business process for system campuses as part of the guide to graduation initiative.

Fields were added to veterans certification pages as part of the veterans benefits pages initiative. This concludes the technical work for this project.

On April 16, the communications structure (communications to both student and reporter) related to the duplicate ID tool and process enhancements was implemented.

March 2018

On March 25, there was another release related to Functional Upgrade initiatives.

The first two parts of the work for the Education Abroad module enhancements initiative went into place. This added two new fields that can be used right away. 

January 2018

On January 28, there were more releases related to Functional Upgrade initiatives. 

The first of two parts of work for duplicate ID tool and process enhancements is complete. Users of the duplicate ID tool have additional functionality that allows them to manage cases and track case history as well as provide transparency to University staff about duplicate ID case resolutions. Person Comments on related records will now automatically be added when the case is complete. 

The gender identity, pronouns, and preferred name initiative had it's first release of functionality. The preferred name of students now appears on the waitlist and class permissions pages. More enhancements are planned over the next four months.

The escheatment compliance project is now complete. Communications are ongoing in the process and the documentation has been completed. 

December 2017

On December 17, the first of the initiatives in the second phase of the Upgrade was completed: direct deposit set-up improvements. The new process can be viewed in the step-by-step guide

Student-facing communications as part of escheatment compliance began. Dates varied by campus: 
  • Dec. 27, Rochester and Twin Cities
  • Dec. 28, Crookston
  • Jan. 3, Duluth and Morris

September 2017

The Technical Upgrade of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions from version 9.0 to version 9.2 took place Sept. 23 and Sept. 24. This represents the first phase of the current upgrade effort. 

Those who use PeopleSoft frequently may need to clear their browser cache and cookies when logging in the first time after the upgrade is complete.

Changes as a result of this upgrade are minimal and restricted to look and feel. See examples of these changes.