Why Upgrade Now?

A major upgrade of PeopleSoft was completed in spring 2015, so why upgrade now?
  • During the previous upgrade effort, Campus Solutions was upgraded from version 8.9 to 9.0. Version 9.2 for Campus Solutions was not available during that effort. In fact, prior to the start of that effort, the vendor did not have plans for a version 9.2. 
  • There are no new enhancements being added to the current version (9.0). Updates and enhancements from the vendor are ongoing, but only for the new version (9.2).
  • Vendor support for the current version (9.0) ends December 2019. In order to maintain system security and receive updates for federal regulations, the University needs to move to the new version (9.2). 
  • Features delivered in the new version (9.2) will allow the University to remove system modifications.