Functional Upgrade Items

The Functional Upgrade, will be several months dedicated to implementing process improvements utilizing available delivered tools. During this phase, functionality will be released on a monthly basis rather than one, final launch date. This phase will end June 2018. These are the items that will be worked on during this phase, organized by estimated release month. 

December 2017

Veterans benefits pages
Payment plan improvements
Direct deposit set-up improvement
Escheatment compliance

January 2018

Guide to graduation
Duplicate ID tool and process enhancements

February 2018

GPAS exceptions processing
Syllabus database

April 2018

Parent/guest access improvements

May 2018

Communications review and standardization

June 2018

Education Abroad module enhancements
Preferred name
Automating one-term-only packaging
Entrance counseling for health profession loans
1098-T reporting method change

Selection criteria for items

  • Does the opportunity:
    • Remedy compliance or audit findings?
    • Increase student recruitment or success capabilities?
    • Create greater administrative efficiencies?
  • Can the work be completed June 2017-June 2018? 
  • When should the work be deployed? 
  • Are extra resources needed? 
  • Can enterprise component tools be used?

Guiding principles for work

  • Base functionality should be used whenever possible
  • Enterprise component tools should be considered over code
  • Benefits should be realized across all campuses whenever possible