Using the Internet

The Internet allows you access to a vast amount of information and activities.  Get started by learning about Internet Safety, creating an email account, and signing up for social networking!

Take a Class
Webwise, a BBC class takes you through the basics of using the Internet to search for information, shop online, and create an email address.

Internet Safety

Before starting, it is important that you learn a few things about Internet safety.  Review this Internet Safety tutorial to get started!


Setting up an email address allows you to communicate with people all around the world for free.  Go through this GCF tutorial to get started!

Social Networking
Social networking sites allow you to communicate instantaneously with friends and family all over the world.  Facebook is the most popular site - go to the Facebook tutorial to learn more!

More Fun things to do on the Internet
Clicking on these links will take you to websites showcasing different activities and uses of the Internet.

* Read books * Read your local newspaper * Organize and share photos *Increase your Vocabulary! *Watch television!  *Renew your Driver's License Tabs *Get Diet and Exercise Tips  * Watch Movies for Free *Learn a Second Language
* Find Recipes * Get directions
  *Go online shopping