Learning the computer can be easier with the Broadband Access Project!  Review this tutorial or visit a Broadband Access Project computer lab for one-on-one assistance.

What is a computer?

computer is an electronic machine which works by carrying out  series of logical operations.

Why do I need to use a computer?

Computers can be used to help you work faster, quickly access information online,  learn things, and are an inexpensive way of keeping in contact with friends and family.

Getting Started 

Navigating this site is easy.  We will start by reviewing basic computer vocabulary.

A cursor looks like this -> and is used as a pointer on your computer to show the location of the mouse.                                      

The mouse is the tool you use to move the cursor.

To learn about a new topic, use your mouse to bring the cursor over your area of interest.  Once the name of your topic is underlined, use your pointer finger to click once on the left side of the mouse.

There are a few things else you should know before starting.
The top of your screen contains several icons.

On the right side, there are three icons that allow you to make things smaller, larger, or shut off the window.

The minus sign makes the image you are working with smaller, the boxes make it larger, and the x closes down the image or the window you are working with.

The left side of the top of your screen (also called a navigation bar) contains two arrows.

These arrows allow you to move forward or go back.

Try this out by using your mouse to left click on the text labeled
Using a Mouse.  Use the back arrow to return to this page, and then the front arrow to return to using a mouse.

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