The Outcomes Survey

On this page, you’ll find:
  • Background information about the Outcomes Survey
  • How we want YOU to share what you know about graduates’ plans
  • Tools to help you promote the Outcomes Survey

Where Do CLA Students Go After Graduation?

The University of Minnesota uses a tool called the Outcomes Survey to learn more about the post-graduation plans of new recipients of bachelor's degrees.

The survey opens to the soon-to-be graduates a few months before they complete their degrees, and then they can complete it any time within the first year after their graduation. Our students/alumni are reminded about the survey several times -- both before graduation and then every few months thereafter. Anyone who completes the survey is also welcome to update their answers if their employment status changes before the one-year anniversary of their graduation.

For more about the Outcomes Survey, including a summary of the results from the May 2015 cohort, see the HUGE eNewsletter article from January 2017.

The Outcomes Survey: Students Sharing Their Post-graduation Plans

Our ideal is for students to complete the survey themselves. Any student -- any time from three months prior to their graduation up to a year after it -- can go to to complete their survey. Students are welcome to re-visit the survey multiple times to update their responses until the one-year anniversary of their graduation. At that point, the survey closes.

Our goal is to eventually secure a 65% knowledge rate from our graduating classes, which is a target recommended by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) for surveys of this sort. Students who complete the survey count towards our official response rate. Career Services is launching several new initiatives to encourage our students to complete the survey -- BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Report a Hire Form: CLA Faculty and Staff Can Help, Too!

There are times when our CLA faculty and staff know about a student’s plans, or we learn about a student’s post-graduation destination from LinkedIn or another source. Data collected from these secondary sources is also valuable to us, and also counts toward our “knowledge rate.”

If you know what one of our new CLA graduates is going to do, we ask that you complete our "Report a Hire" form online (also found at to share that information with Career Services. Once you have completed the form:
  • Your response gives us valuable data. It counts towards our “knowledge rate.”
  • Career Services will send a message to the student inviting them to complete the Outcomes Survey for themselves. If they do this, they will be able to update the data you provided and add additional details. Their response will override your input, and will count towards our “response rate.”

Help Promote the Outcomes Survey!

Please tell new CLA graduates about the Outcomes Survey! Career Services promotes the survey in several ways already both before and after graduation. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a summary of our outreach plan.

But students are most likely to complete the survey when the people who know them the best extend a personal invitation to them, so we need YOUR help with encouraging your students to complete the Outcomes Survey as well! Do you meet with students who should be aware of the survey? Could you post a flyer in your department to promote the survey? Would you be willing to include a PowerPoint slide in your classroom presentations to promote the survey?

We’ve created marketing materials you can print out or use in presentations, including a quarter-sheet, full-page flyer, and a PowerPoint slide. You’ll find them in our The Outcomes Survey promotions folder.

Advisors: We’d love it if you could please include a message about the Outcomes Survey to your graduating seniors, including the “Congratulations” template you send when you’re letting them know they have met all degree requirements or in other messages. Suggested text is here; feel free to edit to meet your own needs.

The University of Minnesota is very interested to know what your plans are after graduation. If you know what you’ll be doing, please take ten minutes to complete The Outcomes Survey, at If you’re still figuring out your plans, remember that everything in the CLA Career Services office is accessible to you for the first year after your graduation.

Students or Alumni complete the Outcomes Survey

The Outcomes Survey Report a Hire Form