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July 2017 - Off into the Sunset, Gary Oehlert
June 2017 - Creating a Sense of Belonging For Our Students, Les Opatz
May 2017 - A Look into the First-Year College Experinece, Janson, W., Ruprecht, M. R., Reinders, T., Ye, Y., Lerch, R., Wang, W., & Cayetano, B.
April 2017 - Bright Lights to Encourage and Lead Us on Our Way, Andy Gammons
March 2017 - CLA Transfer Exploration Day, Carmen Kurdziel
February 2017Prioritizing Education Abroad in the College of Liberal Arts, Tim Dohmen
January 2017 - Life After Graduation: Career Outcomes of CLA Students, P. Timmins & K. Hinz

December 2016 - Career Readiness Over Coffee, Andy Gammons
November 2016 - Career Readiness, Judy Anderson
October 2016 - Growing, Changing. Developing, Les Opatz
September 2016 - Welcome to Fall 2016, Gary Oehlert
August 2016 - Who's Helping You Become a Stronger Leader? Consider a PBoD, Beth Lory
July 2016 - So I Went For a Walk, Nanette Hanks
June 2016 - One Step Further in Advising, Angela Bowlus
May 2016 - On the Roadmap: New Partnerships Driving Career Success in CLA, M. Heier & K. Hinz
April 2016 - Myth Bustin' in the FYE, Paul Spangle, Kat Albrecht, & Rebecca Xiao
March 2016 - Grand Challenges & Learning Abroad, Andrew Williams
February 2016 - Looking Back & Moving Forward, Gary Oehlert