CLA UGE Communications

What We Do

The CLA UGE Communications Team provides communications support and consultation to reach CLA undergraduate students and staff via:
  • Print materials
  • Graphic design
  • Promotional items (pens, tshirts, water bottles, etc.)
  • Mass email
  • CLA student newsletters
  • Digital signage
  • Web announcements
  • Event listings
  • Social media
  • And more!
We additionally help departments and faculty share their messages with CLA undergraduate students via:
  • CLA student newsletters
  • CLA student announcements on the web
  • Event listings
  • Other options upon request

How to Reach CLA Students

Request for Communications Support - Please complete this Google form to help us plan the appropriate communications media and channels for your event or project.

Request to Send Mass Email - We design, build, and send mass emails to CLA undergraduate students and CLA UGE staff. Mass emails are intended for 100+ recipients, and can include graphics, tracking, segmentation, and personalization. Please submit this Google form to initiate this request.

The CLA UGE Communications team manages three mass email newsletters. Click on the link for each newsletter to learn more about how to subscribe or submit content or to view archived issues. 

Order Promotional Materials - Please complete this Google form to request help ordering and designing promotional items (t-shirts, pens, notebooks, etc.).

Printing at CLA
Be sure to be mindful of what and how you are printing. A few helpful tips:

  • Consider using electronic documents (Word, PDF, Google Docs, etc.) instead of paper to reduce cost and waste.
  • Print in black and white instead of color. Set your default print settings to black and white to avoid printing in color unintentionally. Printing in black and white can help you save up to 48 cents per copy!
  • Use a commercial printer like UMN Print Services, FedEx, or GotPrint for large print jobs.
Contact the UGE Communications team for support with any print requests.

Who Do We Work With

 CLA Undergraduate Education  CLA & UMN

  • Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Student Services & Advising
  • President's Emerging Scholars (PES)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Program (MLK)
  • Student Engagement & FYE
  • Career Services
  • Employer Relations
  • Career Readiness
  • Recruiting
  • Transfer Advising
  • Orientation
  • Commencement
  • Senior Celebration
  • CLA Learning Abroad
  • CLA Student Organizations
    • CLA Student Board
    • CLA Ambassadors
    • CLA Business Club
  • Office of the Dean
  • Office of Institutional Advancement
    • The Neighborhood CLA Intranet
    • Public Engagement
    • Bright Lights
  • Alumni Relations
  • UMN Job & Internship Fair
  • Government & Nonprofit Fair
  • SERU
  • Consultation upon request: departments & faculty across the college and university

Additional Resources

Accessible U - Resources and Tutorials
Accessibility means making your project usable by people of all abilities. Visit this site to learn the six core skills of accessible, usable digital communication, and to access comprehensive tutorials on how to make your print and digital materials accessible.

CLA Brand, Marketing & Events
Additional information about CLA branding and secondary color palette, and best practices for planning events. 

Student Unions & Activities - Student Groups
Do you work with an official university student group? SUA offers marketing and event planning tips, supplies, and resources for its student groups.

UMN Events Calendar
The main events calendar for the University is a great place to announce and promote events that are open to all CLA or UMN students and/or to the public. You can create your own account/owner profile, or we can submit an event for you from one of the following accounts:

  • CLA Business Club
  • CLA Career Services
  • CLA Student Board
  • CLA Undergraduate Education
  • UMN Career Services

Undergrad Update, Graduate Update & MyU Portal
The Undergrad Update is a regular student eNewsletter that is a collaborative effort between the Office for Student Affairs and the Office of Undergraduate Education to improve student communication at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Its goal is to help all undergraduate students be aware of events, resources, and information that is available to them. Content from the Undergrad Update can also be found in the Graduate Update and on the myU Web portal. Content submitted must be relevant to all Twin Cities undergraduate students.

University Brand Guide
The Brand Guide provides tools, templates, policies, requirements, style guidelines, photo and video resources, and more to help staff and faculty consistently communicate "University of Minnesota" brand.