Division of Responsibilities (ORGP vs. GSSP) Reference

Division of Responsibilities (ORGP vs. GSSP) Reference

College of Liberal Arts Office of Research and Graduate Programs (ORGP)/Graduate Student Services and Progress Office (GSSP)

Graduate Degree Plan 

Original is sent to ORGP offices, is approved, and submitted to GSSP

Enters form in system of record

Committee Workflow

Students submit electronic committee workflow to their advisor, DGS, and the college for approval. 

After approval, it is sent electronically to GSSP for data entry.


Committee Change Requests

Use Committee Workflow found here.

Emergency Committee Substitutions

Email clagrad@umn.edu with emergency committee changes.

Submit the committee workflow with new committee as soon as possible processing in addition to sending email.

Signed Preliminary & Final Oral Examination forms Submit directly to GSSP within 24 hours of the exam.
Language Certification Follow GSSP procedures as listed here.
Leave of Absence

See LOA procedures under Student Resources

Petitions for Degree Program Form Course/Time Extension

Submit completed petition formsdesignating the change or request to the CLA ORGP. ORGP will approve and submit to GSSP for entry in system of record.

Coordination of Doctoral Examinations GSSP FAQ
Degree Clearance GSSP FAQ
Provision of "hold/warning" lists to DGS's GSSP FAQ

Graduate Faculty

Adding new faculty to Graduate Faculty roster

DGS submits names and levels of membership to office by email using faculty roster form found at Faculty and Staff Resources. ORGP approves and submits change to GSSP.

Changing/Removing membership level of Graduate Faculty

DGS submits names and new levels of membership to CLA ORGP (clagrad@umn.edu

Graduate Faculty from roster

Submit faculty member’s name and program name to CLA ORGP (clagrad@umn.edu

DGS Approval

DGS appt form sent to CLA for approval. CLA ORGP approves and submits to GSSP for recording.