Finding Funding in Your Research Area

Finding Funding in Your Research Area

Grant Databases

The website was designed by the University of Minnesota to help students, staff and faculty identify funding opportunities. The Explore page contains links to grant databases with thousands of funding possibilities.

Leading databases include:
  • Community of Science (COS)
    • Despite its name, COS includes info about sponsors in all disciplines. Includes federal, non-federal, and international sponsors.
  • Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN)
    • SPIN is a searchable database that provides detailed information about thousands of federal, non-federal, and international funding opportunities. Use SPIN to perform a quick search or create a user profile to set up customized searches with email alerts about new opportunities that match your search criteria.
  • Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS)
    • Includes the IRIS database of funding opportunities in all disciplines, the IRIS Alert Service, and the IRIS Expertise Service.
    • The online resource for all Federal grants. However, to ensure a thorough search of a specific agencies' opportunities, it is recommended that you also search that agencies' website.

Help Searching Grant Databases

Searching grant databases is different from a Google search. You need to check boxes with the databases own keywords rather than entering in words you think might be appropriate. Searching these databases can be a bit tricky, so the University of Minnesota Libraries offer courses designed specifically for graduate students.

Outside Funding Opportunities from the Graduate School

The Graduate School maintains a funding chart with some popular grant opportunities. This chart is not all inclusive; the grant databases listed above contain information on many more funding opportunities. A few of the grants on the Graduate School's chart require internal coordination through the University, meaning you need to go through an internal screening process to apply for the grant.