Funding FAQs

Funding FAQs

How do I find funds for a publishing subvention and editing?
Check with your chair for departmental support. Talk with your editor about sources for subventions that the press has used previously. Check for programs sponsored by scholarly societies in your field. Search for funds in these categories using the IRIS, COS, SPIN, and Foundation Directory Online databases.

I've heard that there may be individual donors interested in funding my project. How do I connect with them?

Individual donors are approached only by Development Officers (DO's), who are assigned to CLA departments and who work with department chairs to identify funding priorities by department. Talk with your chair about bringing your project to the attention of the DO assigned to your department.

Is it possible to get corporate support for a project?

Sometimes. Depending on the corporation, you'll need to work with either your department's Development Officer or a CLA Grants Consultant to approach corporate funders.

I have found some foundations whose funding priorities fit with my project. How do I approach them for support?

Because many foundations wish to work with a single office in a large institution like the University, you'll need to learn about any on-going relationships between the U and the foundation in which you are interested. Read the full process for approaching foundations and talk with a CLA Grants Consultant before you approach any foundation.

I've heard that I need to submit my proposal through SPA. How do I do that?

Instructions for submitting proposals through SPA.

Why do I need to take RCR training in order to receive my grant monies?

Training in the responsible conduct of research is required of faculty at all institutions accepting federal research dollars. Federal standards for training are increasingly required by non-federal funders as well.