Proposal Writing & Development

Proposal Writing and Development

CLA Grants Consultants' Proposal Writing Tips and Strategies

What is the University's address and what is a DUNS number?

The answers to these questions and all of the necessary legal information for completing a proposal is found on the Standard Institutional Information page of the SPA website.

Internal Resources

University Libraries
The University Libraries provide support to researchers in all stages of the research process. From finding appropriate funding sources to answering copyright questions, or assisting with specialized media production, the University Libraries are an excellent resource.

Statistical Consulting Services
Statistical Consulting Services in the School of Statistics provides fee-for-service statistical support to improve research in all areas at the University of Minnesota. They can assist with designing experiments and surveys, selecting and performing appropriate analyses, interpreting results, and writing about statistical methods or results.

Data Management Plan (DMP)
Assistance is available in person or on-line. The Libraries also have links to institutional policy regarding intellectual property, sharing in data repositories, and data reuse.

Research Resources, Forms, and Policies
The Office of the Vice President for Research maintains a list of commonly used forms and policies. This list includes forms for IRB review, animal care, RCR policy and training, effort certification, etc.

External Writing Advice