Grant Terminology

Grant Terminology

RCR Responsible Conduct for Research
University policy requires PIs' participation in an educational program on the Responsible Conduct for Research. The curriculum is a two-part series of workshops covering such topics as social responsibility, reporting misconduct, managing research data, conflicts of interest, fiscal management, and intellectual property.

REPA Report of External Professional Activities
The REPA is an electronic document accessed through EGMS (Electronic Grants Management System). It is used to report external professional activities and business and financial interests in accordance with University policies in such areas as Code of Conduct, Conflict of Commitment, Outside Consulting, and Service Activities. Faculty and professional staff are required, at least annually, to complete and submit a REPA for review and approval prior to the announced deadline.

IRB Internal Review Board
The IRB reviews research projects that involve human subjects to ensure that two broad standards are upheld: first, that subjects are not placed at undue risk; second, that they give un-coerced, informed consent to their participation. Complete information and instructions can be found at the IRB website.

SPA (or OSPA) Office of Sponsored Projects Administration
SPA is the University of Minnesota system-wide office authorized to submit research proposals and receive awards from external sources on behalf of the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota.

EGMS Electronic Grants Management System
EGMS is a series of databases that are used to complete proposal forms for submission to sponsors and to access University forms related to sponsored projects or research. You must use EGMS to prepare, print, and route electronically these University forms: the Proposal Routing Form (PRF), the Report of External Professional Activities (REPA), and the Request for Consultant or Outside Service Agreement (ROC).

PRF Proposal Routing Form
The PRF is an electronic document accessed through the EGMS (Electronic Grants Management System). Its purpose is to provide basic information about your grant proposal—such as agency address, due dates, budget, etc.—for your department head, dean, and central grant administrators. It also acts as a checklist to ensure that all compliance obligations have been considered and met. The PRF is an internal document required by SPA to ensure department and college approvals have been obtained. More about the PRF

OVPR Office of the Vice President for Research
OVPR oversees all aspects of research at the University of Minnesota's five campuses, providing guidance to individual researchers and managing the system-wide research enterprise. Programs and units of the OVPR include SPA, RCR Compliance, Research Subject Compliance, and others.