Grant Notification and Award Management

Grant Notification and Award Management

Rats! Bad News

  1. If the funding organization notifies you that your proposal was not selected for funding, please pass that information along to the Grants Consultant with whom you worked.
  2. Also, contact the funding organization and request feedback on your proposal.
  3. Send copies of any feedback to Grants Consultant (at your discretion).

Yea! Good News

When you are notified that you will be receiving a grant, it is your responsibility to initiate the process of notification here at the University.
  1. Notify your chair of the award.
  2. Notify your dean of the award.
  3. Notify the Grants Consultant with whom you worked.
  4. The Grants Consultant will then notify the Grant Administrator in SPA (copying you), who will then contact you to set up appropriate grant management strategies and processes.
  5. Consider applying for a CLA Faculty Development Leave. If you have received a large fellowship, which is less than your usual salary, contact John Blair in the Office of the Dean of Faculty and Research to discuss applying for this supplemental fellowship.

Managing your Award

It is important for PI's to regularly monitor account expense and balances. Most grant or contract funds must be expended within the budget period designated in the proposal, and any unspent funds are returned to the funding agency. If you are not making expenditures and purchases in a timely manner, you may find your project unfinished and no longer funded. Or conversely, if you do not keep track of your funds, you may find yourself out of money before the project is completed.

Review Your Grant Account Regularly

Are personnel charges correct?
Are all expenditures allocable and applicable to the project?
Are there substantial variances between the approved budget and actual expenditures?
Are cost-share and match accounts being monitored?

Need Help? Call the EGMS Helpline: 612-624-1600 or contact a CLA Grants Team Member