Student Rating of Teaching (SRT)

Student Rating of Teaching (SRT)

Questions concerning Student Rating of Teaching (SRT) should be directed to the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Governing and Supporting Documents

General Information

In January 2015, the University's revised administrative policy on Evaluation of Teaching took effect. Upon recommendation by the Senate Committee on Educational Policy, the proposed policy changes were approved by the University Faculty and Student Senates in May of 2014. The policy applies to the Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris and Rochester campuses.

The Administrative Policy: Evaluation of Teaching: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester, Section B.6 requires that the dean or chancellor, in consultation with faculty and other teachers, must determine whether written comments may be used for personnel decisions, that is, whether written Student Rating of Teaching (SRT) comments may be shared with the unit head or other reviewing bodies (e.g., promotion and tenure committees, awards committees, merit review committees).

In consultation with the CLA Assembly, CLA Executive Committee, CLA Council of Chairs, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Dean Coleman determined that unit heads will continue to have access, at their request, to review written evaluation comments for faculty in their units. This decision reiterates existing CLA policy that requires written evaluation comments be included with the supplementary material as part of faculty promotion and tenure dossiers. Written evaluation comments may be used when conducting annual merit reviews.

In abidance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, instructor item results will be made available to instructors and unit heads, but not to the public.

For more information about Student Rating of Teaching (SRT), please visit the Office of Measurement Services.

Effective March 2017