Faculty Development Leaves and Internal Funding Opportunities

Faculty Development Leaves & 
Internal Funding Opportunities

Questions concerning faculty development leaves in College of Liberal Arts should be directed to the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Questions concerning internal University of Minnesota Funding Sources should be directed to the sponsoring office.

The information presented below is a summary. Complete descriptions of these leave opportunities and other awards, eligibility and review criteria, and application instructions is available on the corresponding web pages.

Faculty Development Leaves

Eligible faculty members may request development leaves to spend time away from the University in order to focus more intently on significant work already in progress or pursue new studies, investigations, research, scholarly writing or artistic projects. Leaves may also be used for curriculum development and other improvements to teaching.

Sabbatical Leave & Sabbatical Supplement (CLA) 
Sabbatical leaves are compensated at half salary and full benefits. Sabbatical supplements provide an additional 30 percent of the base salary, up to a maximum award of $30,000, and are awarded competitively. Available to tenured faculty meeting the eligibility requirements. Available to tenure-track faculty meeting the eligibility requirements contingent on the conferral of indefinite tenure by the start date of the leave.

Single Semester Leave (CLA) 
Single semester leaves are compensated at full salary and benefits, and are awarded competitively. Available to tenured and tenure-track faculty meeting the eligibility requirements.

CLA Faculty Development Leave (CLA) 
Provides professional development leave opportunities for regular (tenured and tenure-track) faculty who are not eligible for a single semester leave or a sabbatical leave, but who have received a prestigious external fellowship or funding award that does not provide full salary support.

Internal Funding Opportunities

Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry & Scholarship (OVPR) 
Administered by the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry & Scholarship (GIA) funds are awarded in the belief that the quality of faculty research or artistic endeavors is a major determinant of the overall vitality of the institution. These funds are used to support independent research. In most cases grants are not meant to provide sole support for research activities, but instead to act as seed money for developing projects to the point of attracting more complete, external funding. Available to tenured, tenure-track, and contract faculty conducting independent research and holding full-time appointments.

Imagine Fund for Arts, Design & Humanities (PROVOST)
An initiative of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, the University of Minnesota’s Imagine Fund for the arts, humanities and design supports, in new and more substantial ways, our finest scholars and creative artists. The McKnight Arts and Humanities Endowment was established in 1991 with a generous grant from the McKnight Foundation. From the beginning, the Endowment’s mission has been to support, sustain, and enliven arts and humanities research and activities on the four University campuses. Each year, it fulfills that mission by supporting scholarly and creative projects and initiatives that benefit the University community and communities beyond. Available to tenured and tenure-track faculty and full-time contract faculty.

Institute for Advanced Study Residential Faculty Fellowships (IAS) 
The Institute for Advanced Study supports and encourages interdisciplinary and collaborative work, creating intellectual community across and beyond the boundaries of the University. As a University-wide interdisciplinary center, the Institute is a resource for scholars, artists, professionals, and students who are engaged in a wide variety of study and practice. IAS Residential Faculty Fellowships are intended to give the faculty member time to work on research and creative work; faculty members may not teach (regular or overload) during their fellowship semester.

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