Exchange Opportunities

Faculty Exchanges & Visiting Professorships

Government of Finland/David and Nancy Speer Visiting Professorship in Finnish Studies

Created in 1989 to stimulate interest in Finland and raise awareness of unique and important Finnish contributions in cultural, political, and social spheres. The professorship was further designed to establish new networks between scholars in Finland and the United States, and to promote strong relationships between Finnish scholars, the University, and the community.

University of Graz Faculty Exchange

The College of Liberal Arts welcomes applications from CLA faculty interested in teaching at the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz in academic year 2015/16. CLA faculty who participate in the program will receive their regular compensation from CLA, and one participating CLA faculty member each year will receive an additional stipend in the EURO equivalent of $10,000 from Graz to defray the cost of living abroad.