Tenured Hires

Tenured Hires

Please refer questions to the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs or CLA Human Resources, at 612-624-9839

General Statement

Initial appointments with indefinite tenure may only be made at the rank of associate professor or professor. Such appointments may be made only after receiving the recommendation of the regular faculty holding indefinite tenure in the academic unit concerned (Regents Policy: Faculty Tenure, Section 9).

Governing Documents

External hires of faculty with tenure often require that units be able to make offers quickly outside of the regular timelines for tenure and/or promotion reviews. The unit conducts the initial review of the outside hire based on a dossier that its head assembles. Contents of tenured-hire dossiers in CLA are identified below.

The unit takes (1) a vote regarding whether to hire the faculty member, in which all tenured or tenure-track faculty in the unit may participate; and, as appropriate, (2) a vote to recommend tenure, in which all tenured members of the faculty are eligible to vote, and (3) a vote to recommend the rank of professor, in which only full professors may vote. Following the unit votes, the unit head or designated faculty member writes a report of the votes and the recommendation for tenure and rank. The unit head writes a separate recommendation.


Appointments involving the conferral of tenure require the preparation of a dossier similar to those prepared in a faculty promotion case. These dossiers may be abbreviated in length in comparison to the typical dossier of a faculty member who is considered for tenure and/or promotion through internal processes. All materials in a tenured-hire dossier must be included in the primary material; tenured-hire dossiers do not include a separate, supplementary file.

Materials should be organized according to the list below, and submitted electronically to the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty. The file should consist of a single pdf document, bookmarked to ease navigation within the file.

Tenured Hire Dossier

  • Tenured Hire Cover Page
  • Appointment at the Rank of Associate Professor with Indefinite Tenure (PDF)

    Appointment at the Rank of Professor with Indefinite Tenure (PDF)

  • Table of Contents
  • Table of ContentsTemplate (PDF)

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • The curriculum vitae template developed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs is not required for tenured hires.

  • Statement(s) on research, teaching, and service (no more than 1,000 words each or 3,000 words total)

  • External Reviews

    A minimum of three letters from external reviewers that address the faculty member’s academic credentials if the faculty member has tenure at another academic institution; a minimum of four letters from external reviewers are required if the potential faculty member has not yet received tenure at another academic institution.

    Include a single paragraph description of each external reviewer’s credentials and/or short versions of the external reviewers' curricula vitae.

    Unit Report

    Should include the unit's assessment of the candidate's qualifications for appointment with indefinite tenure and rank, the unit's recommendation, and a report of the unit vote(s).

    Unit Head Evaluation & Recommendation

    Publications and Scholarly/Creative Work

    Four to six publications are recommended, additional publications or other evidence of scholarly work may be requested later. Publications should be in a readily accessible format (e.g., pdf, doc, html)

    Teaching Evaluations and/or Syllabi from Other Academic Institutions (if available)

    Other Supporting Documentation (if any)

    Copy of Job Posting