Summer Research Support

Faculty Summer Research Support
Non-Sponsored Funds

Questions concerning faculty summer research support from non-sponsored funds should be directed to the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Fringe Rates - Summer 2017

Please note the fringe rates in place for summer 2017:

  • 05/29/2017 to 06/11/2017: 31.8%
  • 06/12/2017 to 08/27/2017: 33.5%

General Information

Faculty Summer Research Support - Non-Sponsored Funds. Faculty on nine-month appontments (B-term) with available research/professional support funding from non-sponsored funds (i.e., unit, college, and University sources), may apply to use a portion of these funds to provide up to two months of summer research support during the summer months (i.e., periods outside the regular B-term appointment), subject to funding availability and discretionary approval by the chair of the department and by the Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities or the Associate Dean for Social Sciences.

The discretionary approval requirement applies to summer research support drawn from internal research/professional support funds provided by the unit, college, and University where faculty have been instructed that they may use these funds to provide various kinds of research purposes, including summer research support.

Tax Liability. The University has advised the college that potential tax liability issues may arise when faculty have the option to use research funds for summer support. When a faculty member has sole discretion on whether to use a portion of research funds for summer support, the faculty member may be deemed to be in "constructive receipt of income," thereby subjecting the entire research allocation to taxation, whether the funds are used for summer support or some other purpose. The University's Tax Management Office has endorsed CLA's discretionary approval process as a way to reduce this risk.

Faculty Summer Research Support - Sponsored Funds. Prior approval from the college is not required for summer research support funded by sponsored funds (e.g., external grants) or funds specifically designated for this purpose. Summer support drawn from sponsored funds is subject to the University’s Administrative Policy on Effort Certification.


  • Faculty summer research support is paid as salary.
  • No more than two months of faculty summer research support may be drawn per summer from non-sponsored funds.
  • One month of full-time summer research support is equivalent to one-ninth of the B-term base salary for the immediately preceding year, plus corresponding fringe.
  • Faculty summer research support is contingent on the faculty member being in residence, or on an authorized faculty development leave (single semester leave, sabbatical leave, CLA faculty development leave), in the following academic year.
  • One month of full-time faculty summer research support anticipates approximately full-time work effort for one month.
  • Faculty summer research support must correspond to the dates of official pay periods.
  • One month of summer research support may be paid over two pay periods.


Requests for summer research support drawn from non-sponsored funds must be submitted to the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs at least one month prior to the start of the pay period desired for the summer support, using the CLA form below. Forms must be completed in full, including all signatures, before they will be processed and approved by the college.

Effective Spring 2009