Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review

Questions concerning Academic Program Reviews should be directed to the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Process Overview

Academic program reviews were formerly coordinated by the Graduate School and typically focused only on graduate programs. As part of the graduate education restructuring process begun in 2009, responsibility for program reviews was delegated to the colleges with an expectation that reviews could be conducted more holistically and include all of a unit’s academic programs—both undergraduate and graduate or professional.

Since then, collegiate administrators have noted that an increased sense of ownership over the process has led to more faculty engagement in program review. However, an expressed desire for more central support and guidance led to an effort to create this hybrid approach, which has been developed based on these guiding principles.

Academic program review at the University of Minnesota is one component of a broader academic quality assessment cycle, with primary outcomes including:

  • an objective assessment of the health and vitality of our academic programs;
  • recommendations that lead to programmatic improvement, from maintaining strengths to remedying weaknesses;
  • alignment with institutional priorities and values.

To achieve these outcomes, we are currently developing a collaborative and comprehensive academic program review process that provides an opportunity for program faculty to consider their academic goals and create a plan for reaching them.

General Information

For information specific to your unit's academic program review or general questions about academic program reviews in CLA, please contact:


Derk Renwick

Assistant to the Chief of Staff

College of Liberal Arts


Liz Olson

Executive Office and Administrative Specialist

College of Liberal Arts

For more information about the academic program review process, including an overview of the academic program review, review participants, and program review components, see the Provost’s Website on Academic Program Review Guidelines

Updated Spring 2017